Natalija Stevanovic Parents: Father Đorđe Kostić And Mother, Family Ethnicity

Uncover the remarkable story, where Natalija Stevanović parents played a pivotal role in shaping her tennis career. In this article learn more about her siblings and family ethnicity as well.

Natalija Stevanovic, born on July 25, 1994, is a talented professional Serbian tennis player.

With an impressive career on the ITF Women’s Circuit, she has clinched an impressive total of 14 singles titles and 13 doubles titles, showcasing her skill and determination on the court.

Her highest singles ranking came on November 18, 2019, when she achieved the position of world No. 162. In doubles, she reached a peak ranking of No. 196 on September 12, 2022, according to the WTA rankings.

As a former junior top-5 player, her talent and dedication have also earned her a spot on the Serbia Fed Cup team, where she represented her country in the World Group quarterfinal tie against Belgium in 2012.

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Natalija Stevanovic Parents: Father Đorđe Kostić and Mother

Every successful person has had a strong support system behind them to reach where they are now. That is true for Natalija as well.

This talented player has her parents and family supporting her in every endeavor and helping her achieve success.

Meet the incredible parents who have played an instrumental role in shaping the journey of tennis prodigy Natalija Stevanović: father Đorđe Kostić and Mother Mrs. Kostić.

Natalija Stevanovic Parents
Natalija Stevanovic Parents have kept themselves outside of the limelight. (Source: Facebook)

While specific details about their birthdates and professions may not be available,  Đorđe and Natalija’s mother have been strong pillars of support throughout her career.

With their unconditional love and guidance, they have nurtured her talent, instilled discipline, and fostered a strong work ethic, enabling Natalija to reach great heights in the world of tennis.

Their belief in her abilities and the sacrifices made along the way have paved the path for her success, helping Natalija overcome obstacles and challenges as well.

Natalija’s parents do deserve a commendation for their role in shaping Natalija’s career, as their support has been invaluable in her growth as a remarkable tennis player.

She also seems to be very thankful and appreciative of the sacrifices her parents made for her. They are always seen celebrating holidays together and having a good time after all the hard times. 

Natalija Stevanovic Siblings And Family Ethnicity

Natalija Stevanovic is fortunate that her parents gave birth to two more daughters.

Her sisters, Marija Gui Bila Kostic and Emilija Kostic, have been a constant source of love and encouragement.

While the birthdate of Marija is not available, Emilija was born in 1987. Both sisters are married and have extended families.

Natalija Stevanovic parents
Natalija Stevanovic parents have three wonderful daughters. (Source: Instagram)

Emilija, who resides in Saint-Denis, Ile-De-France, France, has worked at Wiener Volkshochschulen GmbH since 2014. She pursued her studies at the Filoloki Fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, as per her Facebook profile.

Marija, on the other hand, as per her Facebook, studied at Fakultet Sporta I Fizickog Vaspitanja and resides in Nis. She is also raising two children—a son and a daughter.

Despite their own personal endeavors, Marija and Emilija have remained an integral part of Natalija’s journey.

They have provided unwavering support, cheering her on during her triumphs and offering comfort during challenging times.

While specific details about her family’s ethnicity may not be available, Natalija hails from Serbia.

Serbia’s population is a mix of different ethnic groups, including Serbs, Albanians, Hungarians, Romani people, and others.

So, we can guess that her parents raised her under the influence of one of these ethnic groups’ cultures.

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