Negus McKenna Death And Obituary: How Did The Montreal Legend Die?

Shocked fans are wondering about the reasons behind Negus McKenna death as the well-known basketball player has tragically passed away. 

The basketball community and fans in Montreal were left in shock and sadness as news broke of the tragic passing of Negus McKenna, a revered figure in the sport.

Negus McKenna, coming from Atlanta, Georgia, had an illustrious basketball career that hugely impacted the sport in Quebec. His sudden death has the community mourning as they pray for him.

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Negus McKenna Death And Obituary

Negus McKenna, who tragically passed away on Friday, June 2023, was a star player, supportive coach, responsible son, devoted husband, and a loving father of three.

He was a perfectionist succeeding in multiple fields through his passion and resilience. McKenna’s basketball journey began at Wagar High School, where he studied from 1995 to 2000.

He later pursued higher education at Champlain College St. Lambert, obtaining a Diploma of Collegiate Studies in the Social Sciences in 2004.

Continuing his academic pursuits, the basketball jock graduated from Western Carolina University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Media Studies.

Negus McKenna Death
Negus McKenna was a multifaceted player and an amazing individual. (Source: Twitter)

After graduation, he worked as a Fraud Specialist with RBC in Montreal. He then transitioned into the role of Assistant Basketball Coach at Champlain College in Longueuil, Quebec, between August 2009 and March 2013.

McKenna’s dedication to the sport extended beyond his playing days, as he also contributed to the Cavaliers as an assistant coach from 2011 to 2013.

The news of Negus’s sudden passing has fans and loved ones in shock. The tragic announcement outpoured condolences and tributes from shocked fans, teammates, and friends.

Notable personalities, such as Peter Yannopoulos, known for his basketball commentary, expressed his grief, calling McKenna a “true Montreal legend.”

While the whole world is waiting to know about the final proceedings, the grieving family has not released any statements or mentioned anything about his death rites.

This brings us to the possibility that the family will probably bid goodbye to the basketball legend in a private ceremony among his loved ones.

How Did The Montreal Legend Negus McKenna Die?

Negus McKenna’s passing was announced by The Champlain Cavaliers on June 24, 2023, through a heartfelt Twitter post.

The team expressed deep sorrow at the loss of Negus McKenna, a former member of the Men’s Basketball team and part of the Class of 2004.

The specific details surrounding Negus McKenna’s death had not been disclosed,  and the circumstances remained a subject of speculation and curiosity among his fans.

Negus McKenna Death
Negus McKenna’s death reason is still unknown to the public. (Source: Twitter)

The information available suggested that McKenna’s passing was unexpected and untimely, leaving many to ponder what led to this tragic event.

While some media sites claimed that he suffered from a long-running disease, others argued the young athlete died of a heart attack.

No official cause of death had been released at the time of writing. However, a source has now disclosed that he passed away on June 11th at the hospital due to complications related to that heart attack.

While the sudden death of Negus McKenna has shocked many, his impact on the basketball community was evident in the widespread recognition and admiration he received.

Family Mourns The Loss of Talented Negus McKenna

While the athlete had not shared much about his family, a tweet from TV analyst Peter Yannopoulos mentioned him being a devoted husband and loving father of three young children.

The passing of Negus McKenna has undoubtedly left a void in the lives of his family members. Losing someone is never easy; it’s even more complicated when tragedy hits own loved ones.

Although the family is grieving his departure far from the public eye, the grieving process following the death of a beloved family member can be challenging and complex.

It is a difficult time; friends, teammates, and the community have been playing a vital role in helping the family cope with their profound sorrow.

Negus McKenna Death
Negus McKenna was a doted family man and a pillar of strength to his family of five. (Source: Twitter)

The outpouring of love, memories, and tributes from the basketball community in Montreal and beyond shows the positive impact Negus McKenna had on those around him.

The memories of his achievements, both as a player and a coach, will continue to inspire future generations of basketball enthusiasts.

His contributions to the sport of basketball and his influence on the community are being cherished and celebrated as grieving fans expect his wife and children to continue his legacy of passion, love, and strength.

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