What Is Nickisnotgreen Controversy About? Supermega Scandal Expalained

In the midst of the internet’s uproar, the NickisnotGreen controversy and the Supermega scandal have taken center stage, leaving many perplexed and eager for an explanation.

Nick Green, aka Nickisnotgreen and DENTON, is an American content creator active in the realms of YouTube, Twitch streaming, and music.

The artist is predominantly recognized for his commentary videos centered around internet culture and influencer topics.

His content delves into the world of popular YouTubers, dissecting their styles, and the controversies that surround them.

Additionally, he expresses criticism towards TikTok trends, expressing concerns about the toxicity of alpha male YouTubers and dating coaches.

Notably, he recently found himself embroiled in controversy for his efforts to have content creator Sneako banned from YouTube.

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Nickisnotgreen Controversy Explained

In September 2022, Nick Green, known as Nickisnotgreen, posted a video that falsely accused Sneako of threatening to commit a heinous act against his friend Chad.

The video, titled “YouTube should ban SNEAKO,” gained significant traction on the internet over the course of a month before any action was taken.

The beginning of NickisnotGreen controversy was when, in the video, Nick urged his viewers to report both of Sneako’s YouTube channels for harassment.

The video received a substantial amount of backlash within the commentary community, with many pointing out that encouraging mass reporting goes against YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Uploaded on September 2, the video alleged that Sneako was miming a sexual assault against a female content creator named Chad Chad due to her criticism of a TikTok “dating guru.”

Nickisnotgreen Controversy
Nickisnotgreen Controversy: Nick urged his viewers to report both of Sneako’s YouTube channels for harassment. (Source: Media)

Hasanabi, who had a previous feud with Sneako, further amplified the video by promoting it on his Twitch stream.

Consequently, Sneako had both of his YouTube channels terminated on October 3, with allegations of repeated violations of the platform’s terms and services.

As of now, Sneako has not been reinstated on the platform. Additionally, Nick Green’s presence on Twitter was also banned.

He shared an email screenshot on Instagram, which has since been deleted but has been widely circulated on social media.

The email cited a “severe or repeated violation” of the streaming platform’s Community Guidelines as the official reason for the ban.

This ban resulted in the complete removal of Sneako’s two channels, “Sneako” and “Shneako,” both of which had amassed over 1.2 million and 800,000+ subscribers, respectively, at the time of termination.

The Supermega Scandal Unveiled

SuperMega is a popular YouTube channel known for its weekly podcasts, sketch comedy videos, music content, and a myriad of other unconventional creations.

They are currently facing backlash from their followers due to allegations of sexual assault against one of their artists, DonDRRR.

The SuperMega scandal ignited when artist and cosplayer Lex came forward on YouTube to accuse Don of engaging in intimate acts with her without her consent.

On July 27, Lex uploaded a lengthy two-hour video titled “My Experience With DonDRRR and SuperMega,” in which she recounted her interactions with the artist.

Furthermore, she shared screenshots on Twitter, providing detailed accounts of the alleged assault.

Nickisnotgreen Controversy
Supermega Scandal: Cosplayer Lex accused Don of engaging in intimate acts with her without her consent. (Source: Themarysue)

Lex’s Twitter posts contained a narrative of her experience, disclosing that the incident occurred in November 2021 during her stay at Matt Watson’s residence.

She alleged that DonDRRR had coerced her into engaging in sexual activities against her will.

This serious accusation reverberated across the internet, leading to a swift response from SuperMega’s co-founder, Matt Watson.

Matt announced the cancellation of upcoming shows in light of the allegations. DonDRRR himself took to Twitter to address the situation.

As a result of these serious allegations, the SuperMega YouTube channel experienced a significant loss of over 10,000.

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