Nina Agdal Sister: Meet Her Brother Emil Brohus, Family Tree

Unveiling the Bonds of family: Get to Know Nina Agdal sister and meet her brother, Emil Brohus.

Nina Agdal, a renowned Danish model, has gained fame through her striking features in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Moreover, her presence has graced prominent fashion editorials like Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Carine Roitfeld’s CR fashion book.

In 2012, she marked her inaugural appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, earning the prestigious title of “Rookie of the Year.”

Agdal also became a notable figure in the 2013 Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s Super Bowl television commercials.

Her modeling journey progressed further with a contract from IMG Models, a significant achievement attained in August 2016.

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Fact Check: Does Nina Agdal Have A Sister?

Contrary to popular belief, Nina Agdal has no biological sister.

However, in a notable Instagram post from 2022, Nina shared a photo of Serena Kerrigan, referring to her as “My Aries baby sister” and expressing gratitude on Serena’s birthday.

This occurrence sparked fan speculation about Serena’s potential relation to Nina.

Nina Agdal Sister
Nina Agdal with her best friend/ sister Serena Kerrigan. (Source: Instagram)

Serena Kerrigan is a budding American entrepreneur, CEO, content creator, Instagram model, and social media sensation.

She gained fame for pioneering the Instagram Live reality show titled ‘Let’s F**king Date,’ where she live-streamed virtual blind dates to her audience.

Dubbed “Quarantine’s New Must-Watch” by ‘The Today Show,’ Serena also boasts a substantial following on TikTok.

Furthermore, she made appearances in the ‘Go, Diego! Go!’ TV series from 2007 to 2009.

Despite lacking a blood connection, their profound camaraderie and sisterly bond are evident in their close friendship.

Who Is Nina Agdal Brother Emil Brohus? Wiki And Age Gap

Nina Agdal and her brother Emil Brohus, the close sibling duo, share an unbreakable bond.

The internet personality upbringing was uniquely shaped by her close relationship with her brother, Emil Brohus.

Having spent their formative years together, the siblings forged an unbreakable connection founded on shared experiences and mutual support.

Emil holds a Master’s degree in Environmental and Resource Management from the University of Southern Denmark in Esbjerg.

Nina Agdal Sister
Nina Agdal with his brother Emil Brohus.(Source: Redeye)

He aspires to pursue a profession in project management, project formulation, and project implementation, primarily focusing on initiatives aimed at generating value for various interested parties.

As Nina Agdal ventured into the competitive realm of the entertainment industry, her rise to prominence as one of the hottest models caught the world’s attention.

The bond between Nina and Emil is a testament to sibling camaraderie’s strength, where two individuals charted distinct paths yet remained connected by their shared history.

Nina Agdal Parents: Meet Mother Anne-Mette Agdal And Father Brohus Jakobsen

Nina Agdal is the daughter of Anne-Mette Agdal and a father with the surname Brohus Jakobsen. Her lineage traces back to Pale-English ancestors, and she holds Danish citizenship.

While information about Nina Agdal’s father remains limited, her mother, Anne-Mette is a seasoned expert in the tourism sector.

Anne, a proficient tour guide, currently resides in Denmark and is both the proprietor of Agdal Tours and a specialist in guiding across Lolland and Falster.

With her considerable knowledge and qualifications, she has established herself as an authoritative figure in her industry.

Nina Agdal Sister
Nina Agdal and her mother Anne-Mette. (Source: Hola)

Anne-Mette pursued her early education at Andelsbanken-Unibank and later attended Roskilde University in Denmark’s Roskilde city.

Before embarking on her entrepreneurial ventures, she amassed extensive experience across various domains, including banking.

Notably, from October 2012 to March 2017, she held a position as a real estate administrator at Nordea Bank.

Nina’s relationship with her mother, Anne-Mette, appears to be strong, as evidenced by Anne-Mette’s appearances on Nina’s Instagram posts.

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