Olix Face Reveal: What Does he Look Like? Real Name And Identity

Discover Olix face reveal. Who was the person behind the voice of the Roblox videos, which have been entertaining the viewers for more than three years?

Oliver, better known online as Olix, is an English gaming YouTuber who is known for making videos about Roblox Pls Donate.

Olix created his official YouTube channel on 8 April 2020 and uploaded the first video on 12 May 2020.

In three years, the Olix channel grew into a big community. Now, his channel has surpassed 790k subscribers.

Olix started to grow fast when he started to post Pls Donate videos on his channel. He got a lot of Robux out of pls donate, obtaining twenty million Robux in Roblox.

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Olix Face Reveal: Who Is The Youtuber?

On 14 October 2023, Olix streamed live on his YouTube channel on the issue of his face reveal.

Since the Youtuber started to upload videos with his voice on the YouTube channel, fans have requested him to reveal his face at least one time.

After the long wait, Oliver’s fans could finally get a glimpse of him on Saturday, 14 October 2023.

It was the two-minute video, and Olix was accompanied by two other YouTubers, KreekCraft and Hazem, on the reaction panel.

Olix was in a Yellow hoodie, and when the video marked one minute, he turned around, and that’s when Olix’s face reveal happened.

The face behind the hoodie was of Billy, popularly known online as Steak.

Olix Face Reveal
Olix Face Reveal: Steak was revealed as Olix on the live stream. (Source: Youtube)

Moreover, the live comments went wild, seeing that the person Olix, whom the viewers had been listening to for more than three years, is actually Steak, whom they interact with on his own YouTube channel openly.

Hazem and KreekCraft also seem surprised that the person they had been playing with and competing in the game is actually Steak, with whom they often meet and spend time together in person.

Olix face reveal has risen the entire Roblox fan circle and community into disbelief and surprise. Some of the fans are satisfied with the Olix face reveal stream, but many are left with skepticism.

Olix Face Reveal: What The Internet Opinion Says

Olix face reveal, the stream on 14 October 2023 left the entire internet in shock and also divided it into two teams.

One part of the fans confirmed that Olix is the Steak and Steak is Olix. They are satisfied with the fact that Steak was actually running two of his channels at the same time.

However, another team of fans claimed that this was entirely a fake video that was made in collaboration with KreekCraft, Hazem, Steak, and Olix.

On the internet comments of Olix face reveal videos, viewers mentioned that it was the staged video made by Steak in which he acted like Olix, practicing his tone and changing his accent.

Olix Face Reveal
Olix Face Reveal: Steak was not real Olix; revealed on his channel. (Source: Youtube)

The use of the green screen, Steak’s mischievous face, and his unnatural serious face became the major reason to raise the audience’s question regarding the whole face reveal story.

Later, on 15 October 2023, Steak went live on his YouTube channel. There, he claimed that he, indeed, is not Olix.

With the group call with KreekCraft, Olix Steak revealed that he is not Olix, as Olix is an entirely different person.

Here, fans’ skepticism came true, and Olix once again became a faceless person whose identity is yet to be revealed in public.

Meanwhile, fans are desperately waiting for the day Olix reveals his real face to the world.

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