Meet Pat Knight, Bobby Knight Father: Mother Hazel Knight: Parents Details

Who was Bobby Knight father? Know about his mother and discover about his familial dynamics and the parental details.

Legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight died on 1 November 2023 and left his legacy behind after several contributions to basketball history.

Bobby Knight was an American men’s college basketball coach and has a record of multiple winnings. He was the head coach of several clubs like Indiana Hoosiers, Texas Tech Red Raiders, and Army Black Knights.

Known for his incredible Basketball skills and guiding patterns, Bobby was nicknamed “The General” by his juniors and students.

Before he started his career as a coach in 1962, Bobby was a professional basketball player from 1959 to 1962 as a team forward for Ohio State.

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Bobby Knight Father, Pat Knight: A Railroad Worker

Bobby was born on 25 October 1940 in Orrville, Ohio, U.S., as the only child of his father, Pat Knight, and his mother, Hazel Knight.

Bobby Knight father was forty-three when Bobby was born. Thus was dearest to him. However, the chemistry between the father and son is controversial.

Bobby Knight father, Patt, was a railroad worker and was a hard person to have a conversation with. Pat loved when the house was quiet, and he could sit in his favorite chair reading his newspaper.

Thus, to be heard by his father, Bobby had to talk loudly and show his anger excessively.

Bobby Knight Father
Bobby Knight father has a great influence on his temperaments and loud voice. (Source: Sandiegouniontribune)

Although Bobby Knight father was a difficult person to talk to, he introduced Bobby to hunting and fishing and admonished him not to gamble, which Bobby rarely did.

Bobby Knight father, Pat, didn’t engage in long conversations with his son and rarely attended Bobby’s games. But, he had a deep respect for his father and believed he was the toughest, most disciplined person he ever knew.

Most of Bobby’s habits slightly resembled his father, and Bobby often copied his father’s attitude and behavior as he found it cool when he was a teenager.

It did not fade out till adulthood, and Bobby lived with that.

Bobby Knight Mother, Hazel Knight: A School Teacher

Bobby Knight’s mother, Hazel Knight, was a school teacher and his guide during his childhood.

Bobby’s mother was created as his strongest childhood influence and was the person to understand his temperament.

There was one story of Hazel mentioning her son to his classmates that “he is doing good in his career and has high potential, but I just hope he behaves.”

Unlike Bobby’s father, his mother Hazel often went to watch her son’s games and cheered up for him and his victory.

Apart from his mother, Bobby Knight was close to his maternal grandmother, Sarah Henthorne, Hazel’s mother.

Sarah used to live with the Knight family and is credited for raising Bobby. His love for his grandmother never faded out.

Bobby Knight Father
Bobby Knight had a close connection with his mother Hazel and grandmother Sarah. (Source: Thenation)

When Bobby got old enough to drive, he would take his grandma to the movies or go shopping and escort her to Bingo nights with her friends.

But, when Bobby was in his sophomore year at Ohio State and returned home during a break, he found his loving grandmother in her chair with eyes closed and ankles crossed. Before he was aware of the situation, she already left the world.

The incident left Bobby’s world and life in shattered pieces as his relationship with his grandmother was in many ways close to that with his parents.

Later, Bobby Knight’s father and mother consoled him to be in his right mind and bid goodbye to his grandmother.

Now, Bobby Knight has joined his parents and grandparents in the eternity to have a good time with them.

Rest In Peace, Bobby Knight.

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