Karate Berwick Peter Harvey Death And Obituary: Family Mourns The Loss

The news of Peter Harvey death has left everyone in agony as he was a wonderful person with full zest for life, and known for his karate skills.

Peter Harvey was a Senior Instructor and prominent figure within the Karate Victoria community. 

He held the esteemed rank of 3rd Dan Black Belt and possessed a wealth of experience spanning a decade.

Beyond his martial arts expertise, Peter was a dojo owner in Berwick for Kimekai Karate, a dedicated coach, and a beloved member of the karate family.

In addition to his professional roles, he was a devoted husband, father, and friend.

Unfortunately, Peter’s sudden and unexpected passing over the weekend has left a significant void within the Karate Victoria community.

Despite the sad news, Peter will be remembered with deep affection, and his contributions to the world of karate and the lives of those he touched will not be forgotten.

As a Senior Instructor with qualifications at the NCAS Bronze Level, Peter imparted his martial arts knowledge and served as a role model for others.

The Victorian Referee Commission, led by Jason Nichols, Secretary, extends sincere condolences to Peter’s family—Tricia, Ben, and Chris.

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Karate Berwick Peter Harvey Death And Obituary

Peter Harvey’s death has shocked many people who knew him personally and from his professional aspect.

Those who knew Peter personally describe him as a quietly confident and humble individual, qualities that endeared him to everyone he encountered.

Beyond his martial arts prowess, he was admired for his character, earning respect and affection from friends, colleagues, and students.

Peter Harvery Death
Peter Harvey unexpectedly died last weekend (Source: Facebook)

The loss of Peter Harvey is deeply felt, and the impact of his positive influence will endure as a lasting legacy in the hearts of those who had the privilege of sharing in his journey.

Kimekai Karate Berwick holds a special place in the heart of the late Peter Harvey, a beloved member of the Karate Victoria family and the owner of this esteemed dojo.

Located at 67 Intrepid St, Berwick VIC 3806, Australia, Peter was not just a coach but a mentor, husband, father, and friend to those who walked through the doors of the dojo.

With a legacy of ten years of experience and a 3rd Dan Black Belt, Peter dedicated himself to karate, contributing significantly to the community.

The sudden passing of Peter over the weekend has left a void that will be deeply felt, but his influence and teachings will never be forgotten.

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Peter Harvey Family Mourns The Loss

The Karate Victoria family is deeply saddened by the sudden passing of their much-loved member, Peter Harvey, who departed on the last weekend of January 2024.

As the owner of Kimekai Karate Berwick, Peter played an integral role in shaping the lives of those within the martial arts community.

Peter’s influence extended far beyond the dojo, leaving an irreplaceable void in the hearts of his family members and the Berwick community.

This expression of sympathy reflects the collective grief felt by the entire community.

Peter Harvery Death
The Harvey family mourns the loss of Peter, their cherished dojo owner, husband, and father (Source: Pinterest)

Kimekai Karate Berwick, under Peter’s guidance, provided premium martial arts tuition for individuals of all ages and skill levels.

The dojo offered children’s and adult karate classes across multiple locations in Melbourne and Tasmania.

In addition to traditional karate, he actively encouraged the incorporation of MMA classes, including Kick Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, adding diversity to the training programs.

Moreover, Peter’s commitment to excellence extended to the club’s affiliation with the Australian Karate Federation (AKF). 

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