Rajwa Al Saif Siblings: Meet Faisal, Nayef And Dana Al Saif

Rajwa Al Saif is a Saudi Architect, now known as “Princess Rajwa Al-Hussein of Jorden”. Discover her family background and Rajwa Al Saif siblings details herein. 

Rajwa Al Saif is a new member to the Jordanian royal family. She is married to Hussein, the Crown Prince of Jordan, making her likely the future queen of Jordan.

The public started nitpicking the information regarding Rajwa and her family following her engagement with the Prince on August 17, 2022. Two years later, it is still being processed after their wedding on June 1, 2023.

Rajwa was born in Riyad, Saudi Arabia, on 28 April 1994. Rajwa was born as the youngest child of her parents, with three older siblings.  Her parents are father – Khalid AL Saif – CEO of the privately-owned Al Saif Group, and her Mother – Azza Al Sundari. 

She earned her degree from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and was practicing her knowledge at an architecture firm in Los Angeles.

Rajwa Al Saif Siblings: Faisal Nayef And Dana Al Saif

Rajwa Al Saif has two older brothers and a sister named Faisal, Nayef, And Dana.

It is reported that one of Rajwa’s brothers is married to a member of the Kuwait Royal family. However, there is no confirmation about which one of her brothers is connected with the Royal Family.

Likewise, Rajwa’s sister Dana Al Saif is an Assistant Financial Analyst at El Seif Engineering Contracting. El Seif Engineering Contracting is a part of the Architecture, engineering, and design industry located in Saudi Arabia.

Besides these two pieces of information, we could hardly find any other information regarding Rajwa’s siblings.

Rajwa Al Saif siblings
Rajwa Al Saif with Jordan Royal Family members. (Source: Instagram )

They were neither spotted at Rajwa Al Saif’s wedding, nor have any internet sites traced their information.

Hopefully, if we find any further information on Rajwa’s siblings, we will quickly update them here.

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Rajwa Al Saif Newly Formed Bond With Iman Salma And Hashem Bin Abdullah

Crown Prince Hussein also has three siblings, two younger sisters, Iman and Salma, and a brother named Hashem Bin Abdullah. 

After the engagement ceremony of Rajwa Al Saif and Crown Prince Hussain, the Royal Hashemite Court posted pictures of Rajwa Al Saif interacting with the members of the Jordan Royal Family. 

Similarly, crown prince Hussein also posted a picture of him and Rajwa with his sister Salma on his Instagram Handle.

During the wedding ceremony on June 1, 2023, Hussein’s brother Prince Hashem is seen walking alongside Rajwa in the aisle, and there is also a picture of  Princess Iman Bin Abdullah with Rajwa Al Saif.

The interaction is so healthy, and we can definitely see the developing bond between Rajwa and Crown Prince’s siblings.

Rajwa Al Saif siblings
Rajwa Al Saif with Crown Prince Hussein and Princess Salma Bin Abdullah. (Source: Instagram)

However, some controversy was circulating among the media that Princess Salma did not attend the engagement ceremony. Different opinions were presented, questioning the relationship between the brother and sister.

Later, the crown Prince silenced all opinions by posting the picture with Salma and the royal couple. Then, he revealed that she could not attend because of her study. 

Rajwa Al Saif is gradually learning the royal culture and interacting with the royal family, and the interaction is so surreal and overwhelming.

Hopefully, we will get to witness the interaction between the royal siblings and the sibling of Princess Rajwa Al Saif.

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