Raquel Bigorra Esposo: Alejandro Gavira, Osamu Menéndez And Jonathan Knott

Know more about Raquel Bigorra Esposo: Alejandro Gavira, Osamu Menéndez, and Jonathan Knott. She had an interesting married life with her three relationships. 

Raquel Bigorra is a television personality and actress of Cuban descent who rose to prominence in the entertainment sector. She was born on June 15, 1974, in Havana, Cuba.

She began her career as a model before moving on to television presenting and acting. And shortly after that, she became a beloved character in the world of Mexican television rapidly due to her compelling presence and magnetic attitude.

Throughout her career, she has hosted various shows, captivating audiences with her charming personality. Her enthusiastic personality and ability to connect with viewers have helped her to become a household celebrity.

As mentioned above, she has demonstrated her acting abilities in television programs and films, confirming her image as a versatile entertainer.

Beyond her professional achievements, Raquel’s personal life has garnered attention, including several relationships and marriages. In this article, we will explore the details of Raquel Bigorra’s husbands, namely Alejandro Gavira, Osamu Menéndez, and Jonathan Knott.

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Raquel Bigorra Esposo: Alejandro Gavira, Osamu Menéndez And Jonathan Knott

Raquel Bigorra has been married multiple times, and each marriage has contributed to her personal journey. While her marriages did not stand the test of time, they played a significant role, and she had a chance to learn more about her life. 

Raquel’s first marriage took place in 1996 with Jonathan Knott. Their relationship garnered attention at that time of marriage, but it ended shortly afterward in 2000. Likewise, there is no information about their children until now.

Raquel Bigorra Esposo
Raquel Bigorra with her husband Alejandro Gavira and daughter (Source: Instagram)

Following her divorce from Jonathan Knott, Raquel Bigorra entered her second marriage with Osamu Menéndez in 2003.

However, like her previous marriage, Bigorra’s relationship with Menéndez faced challenges, resulting in their eventual separation.

They decided to end their relationship in 2008. According to several social media accounts, they did not have any children throughout their time together.

In 2011, Raquel Bigorra married Alejandro Gavira, an actor and television personality. Likewise, the couple welcomed a daughter named Rafaella Gavira Bigorre.

Alejandro Gavira is a well-known Mexican film and television producer and worked with many well-known artists in the entertainment sector. This marriage has provided Raquel Bigorra with a new chapter in her personal life, as they have become parents together.

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Raquel Bigorra Family And Ethnicity

Currently, there is limited information regarding the specific names of Raquel Bigorra’s parents and family. However, it is known that she was born in Havana, Cuba, indicating her Cuban origin and birthplace.

Her father was identified as an engineer and worked in an industrial company, showcasing a professional background in the engineering field. Meanwhile, her mother was involved in the pharmaceutical industry, managing a pharmacy.

Growing up in Cuba, Bigorra was exposed to the country’s vibrant culture, music, and traditions.

Raquel Bigorra Esposo
Raquel Bigorra playing with daughter (Source: Instagram)

Cuba is known for its rich cultural heritage, blending various influences from indigenous, European, and African roots. These diverse cultural elements may have impacted Raquel Bigorra’s upbringing and artistic sensibilities.

The family background remains a relatively personal aspect of her life, as she has chosen to keep personal details away from the public eye.

Her ethnicity reflects her diverse background and heritage. As a Cuban-born individual, she carries the cultural influences of her home country, which can also be seen in her acting and performances.

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