Robbie Gould Illness And Health 2023: Is He Still Playing Football?

Delve into the write-up to learn about the Robbie Gould illness update. Also, discover whether the player is still active in his professional career.

Robert Paul Gould III is an American footballer placekicker who started his career as a free agent in 2005.

The New England Patriots originally signed Gould as an undrafted free agent.

After a few months with the Patriots, Robert moved to the Chicago Bears and played for the team for almost a decade.

Known for his exciting gameplay and persistent speed, Robert Gould has been part of several clubs, including the Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants, and San Fransisco 49ers.

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Update on Robbie Gould Illness And Health Issue In 2023

41 years old, Robbie Gould does not currently have an NFL team. After his six seasons on San Fransico, Robbie took a break from the game for some time.

In October 2022, Robbie had been ruled out for the remainder of the 49ers game against Carolina because of the knee injury.

Since then, Robbie Gould illness deprived him of actively participating in the club’s football practice or matches.

Gould is doing fine but does not seem ready to be in the field soon.

This is not the first time Gould has been trapped in the illness and unable to play.

Robert was severely injured in the 2012 and 2013 seasons of American football when he played for Chicago.

Robbie Gould Illness
In their professional American football career, Robbie Gould has been halted from his ongoing games because of several injuries. (Source: Windycitygridiron)

During that time, Robbie Gould suffered from knee, calf, and shoulder plate injuries.

Moreover, in an interview on a radio talk, Gould mentioned that he was also suffering from a blood infection and was treated in time.

Robert regained health stability after his intense and continuous fight with the illness.

Similarly, Gould maintains a strict healthy habit for speedy recovery and regaining body strength.

Fans who want a health update on Robbie Gould can go through his Instagram account and find out how well the famous American football player spends his days and time.

Is Robbie Gould Still Playing Football Or Retired?

It’s been almost a year since fans have not seen Robbie Gould back in football matches. Now, they are willing to see their favorite player playing again.

Although Robbie is not associated with clubs for the upcoming NFL season, he decided to play as a free agent and remain an active NFL Kicker.

After he ended his contract with the San Fransisco 49ers, Gould said that he would not retire but would play as a free agent in the upcoming seasons.

Apart from this news, there is also news of Robbie Gould signing from the 49ers, but it is not confirmed.

Instead, the authentic, confirmed, and exciting news is that, nowadays, Robbie is engaging in golf.

On his Instagram account, Robbie often posts playing golf with his friends and participating in the competition.

Robbie Gould Illness
After his knee injury, Robbie Gould is actively engaging in golf courses. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, Robbie Gould is also engaged in training and coaching for the junior football team of the Chicago Cubs. 

Robbie usually writes about training, kicking, and golfing statements in his post.

This means that the famous football placekicker Robbie Gould is still active in his career and is still to make a retirement decision.

Beyond Robbie Gould illness, his fans can still enjoy their idol player playing, kicking the ball, and enjoying the upcoming season’s championships.

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