Roland Rocchiccioli Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Theatre Artist?

Discover Roland Rocchiccioli Wikipedia and get to know more about the writer through the following write-up.

Roland Rocchiccioli is a well-known Australia-based writer, producer, director, broadcaster, and theatre artist.

He is known for his wide range of involvement in several shows, theatre plays, and other projects.

In 2008, Roland Rocchiccioli was regarded as the “Australian King of Showbiz”.

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Roland Rocchiccioli Wikipedia: An Alrounder Entertainer

Despite being a known entertainment personality, an authentic Roland Rocchiccioli Wikipedia is yet to be made. Roland Rocchiccioli Wikipedia comprises his professional career, family, and personal life.

Roland Rocchiccioli is believed to be about seventy years old and is from the Gwalia, north-eastern goldfields of Western Australia. A little boy of Bruce later became a recognized television and radio personality in Australia.

When Roland was eighteen years old, he left the house, and for the past four decades, he has worked as a trained dancer, stage manager, director, and TV impression. 

Roland Rocchiccioli has also been part of theatre plays and shows as an actor, additional crew, and director.

In the movie Street Hero (1984), Roland has worked as a publicist. Similarly, he starred as an actor in the TV series The Bert Newton Show (1973)and the theatre show House of Bulger (2003).

Furthermore, he was part of a casting director for the TV series Prisoner (1979).

Roland Rocchiccioli is a man of the theatre. In 1966, he served as an apprenticeship with a theatre company in Perth, which was the source of experience for him as a stage manager, playwright, director, and actor.

Roland Rocchiccioli
Roland Rocchiccioli is an all-rounder entertainer who has worked on a wide range of projects. (Source: Facebook)

He has worked with the impresario Harry M. Miller and Ken Brodzaik on the production of The Rocky Horror Show, Hair, and Jesus Christ Superstar. 

Similarly, He has written the plays Now You Can Eat Father Christmas and Letters From The Heart.

Aside from his work as a theatre artist, Roland Rocchiccioli is known for his writing. He writes articles in a journal for several magazines and publications. Similarly, he has published his own books.

Roland Rocchiccioli is a regular writer for the Ballarat Times and the New York Journal.

His book, And Be Home Before Dark: A Child In A Frontier Town, published in 2008, was the talk of the town at that time. The book’s popularity is still in the craze among literature autobiography readers.

Roland Rocchiccioli Wikipedia: Family And Personal Life

Roland Rocchiccioli grew up in Gwalia between 1949 and 1963, along with his mother, Beria, and father, Ginger Rocchiccioli.

He lived in a migrant town; about eighty percent of the workers were from Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, and others.

Childhood memories are precious to Roland; he was exposed to several food traditions, music, culture, and practices of more than twenty-eight nationalities. Later, they became the inspiration for his literature.

On September 1, 2008, the Today Tonight show broadcasted the childhood memories and Ronald’s hometown.

Roland Rocchiccioli
Roland Rocchiccioli with his mother Beria. (Source: Facebook)

Moreover, Roland Rocchiccioli barely talks about his private life in the media. People know about his professional life but can hardly access his details.

Roland Rocchiccioli currently lives in Melbourne with his wife. There is no information disclosed about his children.

However, fans and readers of Roland Rocchiccioli’s articles often mention that he has mentioned his marital life, wife, and family in his several articles. But, all of them felt fantasized, and it isn’t easy to point out the reality.

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