Ryan Siew Wikipedia And Age: Family And Net Worth

On June 19, 2023, Ryan of the Australian metalcore group Polaris tragically passed dead. Explore inside to learn more about Ryan Siew Wikipedia and his net worth.

Ryan was the lead guitarist for the Australian metalcore band Polaris at 26 and had already had a significant influence.

His position as a vital part of the team had been cemented by his outstanding talent and commitment to his job.

Furthermore, Ryan Siew, who spent an astounding ten years with Polaris, contributed significantly to the band’s success through his musical career.

Moreover, his guitar playing gave their sound more depth and intensity, captivating listeners worldwide. Both on stage and in the studio, Siew’s performances demonstrated his commitment to art and unrelenting determination.

Likewise, Ryan Siew had a second platform for his musical talents and contributions to Polaris—his YouTube account.

He started using the venue 2008 to display his guitar prowess through compelling versions of well-known songs. Fans and other artists praised his renditions, enhancing his image as a gifted and adaptable guitarist.

Ryan Siew Wikipedia And Age

The Australian guitarist was born in Sydney, Australia, on March 18, 1997. The guitarist was of only 26 years when he passed away on June 19, 2023. 

Despite the lack of knowledge about his upbringing and education, Ryan Siew’s musical career speaks volumes about his dedication and talent.

The fact that Siew got his start on YouTube in 2008 by posting guitar renditions of well-known songs implies that he had a strong interest in music at a young age.

Furthermore, Siew displayed his impressive abilities and musical prowess as the lead guitarist for the Australian metalcore band Polaris.

Ryan Siew Wikipedia
Ryan Siew is a world-famous guitarist. (Source: noisegate)

He remained with the group for ten years, contributing substantially to its success.

Moreover, Siew demonstrated his commitment to imparting his skills and fostering the following generation of musicians by teaching guitar in addition to his work in Polaris.

Thanks to Siew’s musical talents, Polaris rose swiftly in the metalcore genre. Their 2017 debut album, “The Mortal Coil,” received positive reviews and helped them get further exposure.

Similarly, the album’s success was further acknowledged by a nomination for an ARIA Award for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album after reaching a peak of number six on the ARIA Charts.

Polaris kept putting out songs and going on tour, staying strong in the metalcore scene because of Siew’s lead guitar prowess, which forever changed the band’s sound.

Positive reviews for their most recent album, “Vagabond,” published in 2021, confirmed the band’s development and artistic maturation.

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Ryan Siew Family: Parents and Siblings

Sadly, no information on his family history, including specifics about his parents or siblings, is readily accessible to the general public.

Fans and well-wishers may be curious about his personal life, which is reasonable, but avoiding making assumptions or delving into people’s personal lives is vital.

Ryan Siew Wikipedia
Ryan Siew has not shared any information regarding his personal life. (Source: truescoopnews)

Losing a loved one is very challenging, and the sadness that follows such a loss should be treated delicately.

Furthermore, it is fairer to honor Ryan Siew’s musical abilities, contributions to Polaris, and impact on the metalcore music scene rather than focusing on the individual parts of his life.

Moreover, supporters and the neighborhood must band together at difficult times and support the grieving. 

Conveying sympathy and recalling Ryan Siew’s musical legacy can be heartfelt ways to celebrate his life and support his family and friends.

Ryan Siew Net Worth: Career Earnings And Achievements

The exact net worth of Ryan Siew is not mentioned on the internet, as public figures rarely share their net worths. 

However, as Ryan was a successful and famous guitarist from a popular band, we can assume he had a sizeable income from his music career.

Firstly, let’s talk about his tours which are houseful all the time. As per sources, the tickets to his tour start from 89 Australian dollars to 119 Australian dollars.

Ryan Siew Wikipedia
Ryan Siew earns a sizeable amount. (Source: NY Post)

Furthermore, his band, Polaris, has earned over 36.2K- 44.8K dollars from band tours and music sales. So as a talented and gifted guitarist, he must have earned a sizeable amount from that sum. 

Moreover, the artist also earns from merch sales, which has not yet been revealed, but by looking at the craze among the fans for his band, we can say that they have earned quite a sum by selling merch.

Secondly, the artist is also a big fan of collections; as we can see in his INstagram profile, he owns an EVH 5150 amp which costs around 18K dollars, and this is not the only one he has many amps and expensive guitars to his collection.

Lastly, the artist also earns from his social media site, like Youtube, where he has  41.2K subscribers and over 5.7 Million views, and on his Instagram, he has 28.7K followers. 

In conclusion, by looking at all the numbers and facts, we can safely assume that the professional Auzzie guitarist has a net worth of 1-2 million dollars. 

However, this estimation can be incorrect, as he might have earned more than the above-mentioned amount. 

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