Who Is Sandra Milo Fidanzato Alessandro Rorato? Dating And Relationship

Explore details about Sandra Milo Fidanzato, Alessandro Rorato and their romantic journey. From Fellini’s love to a platonic connection, discover the actress’s extraordinary love life.

Sandra Milo, the acclaimed Italian actor celebrated for her iconic role in Federico Fellini’s 8½, passed away at 90.

Her cinematic contributions left an indelible mark on Italy’s film industry. Milo’s demise occurred peacefully in her sleep at her Rome residence, where she was surrounded by her family and cherished dogs, Jim and Lady.

The news was conveyed through a family statement broadcast by state-run RAI television.

Recognizing her significant impact, the Venice Biennale bid farewell with a poignant “Ciao, Diva!” on social media, acknowledging the loss of a revered figure in Italian cinema.

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Sandra Milo Fidanzato Alessandro Rorato Is A Entrepreneur

Sandra Milo’s romantic narrative took a new turn with Alessandro Rorato, a 53-year-old Venetian entrepreneur, forming a love story that commenced in 2019 during the Venice Film Festival.

The public eye often caught glimpses of the two together, fueling speculations about the nature of their relationship.

Rorato, the owner of a restaurant in Treviso, openly declared his ardent love for Sandra Milo, notwithstanding the substantial 37-year age gap between them.

Despite their shared moments, Milo distanced herself from the conventional label of “boyfriend,” opting instead for a description of their connection as a “platonic, physical, and spiritual love,” notably devoid of any exchanged kisses.

Despite this deviation from traditional romantic norms, the actress emphasized a profound closeness to Rorato, defining their bond as “wonderful, extraordinary, and of complicity.”

The term “boyfriend” seemed inadequate to encapsulate the essence of their unique relationship.

Sandra Milo Fidanzato Alessandro Rorato
Milo strolled down the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival accompanied by Alessandro Rorato. (Image Source: Vanity Fair)

While Rorato publicly declared his passionate feelings, Milo chose a nuanced expression that conveyed a connection beyond the conventional trappings of a romantic partnership.

In the public eye, their appearances raised eyebrows and sparked curiosity, with onlookers attempting to decipher the dynamics of their unconventional relationship.

Milo’s deliberate choice to emphasize their connection’s platonic and spiritual aspects underscored a depth that transcended societal expectations.

Despite the absence of traditional romantic markers, the bond between Sandra Milo and Alessandro Rorato became a subject of fascination, prompting discussions about the varied expressions of love and connection.

Milo’s emphasis on their relationship’s extraordinary and complicit nature challenged conventional norms, inviting contemplation on the diverse forms that love can assume in different stages of life.

Sandra Milo Dating And Relationship Timeline

Sandra Milo, the iconic Italian actress who passed away at the age of 90, led a life marked by four marriages and three children.

However, her “absolute love” was Federico Fellini, a passionate connection enduring 17 years despite Fellini’s marriage to Giulietta Masino.

In Fellini’s masterpieces, “8½” (1963) and “Giulietta of the Spirits” (1965), Milo, affectionately nicknamed Sandrocchia, portrayed an ironic femme fatale contrasting with more modest and bourgeois wives.

Milo declared Fellini to be the love of her life, reciprocating after 17 years. Despite four marriages and motherhood, Milo’s romantic journey included a secret affair with Italian politician Bettino Craxi during the 1980s.

The relationship ended due to Milo’s fears of her husband Ottavio De Lollis’ jealousy.

Milo’s last romantic chapter involved Alessandro Rorato, a 53-year-old Venetian entrepreneur, sparking rumors since their debut at the Venice Film Festival in 2019.

Sandra Milo and Moris Ergas
Milo tied the knot with Moris Ergas, they had daughter together. (Image Source: Formiche)

Despite Rorato’s public declaration of “crazy” love, Milo distanced herself from the term “boyfriend,” defining their bond as “platonic, physical, and spiritual love” without exchanged kisses.

Despite the unconventional nature of their relationship, Milo emphasized the profound closeness and forms of love, describing it as “wonderful, extraordinary, and of complicity.”

Throughout her complex romantic timeline, from the enduring passion with Fellini to the secret liaison with Craxi and the platonic connection with Rorato.

Sandra Milo’s love life reflected a tapestry of varied experiences, defying societal norms and expectations.

Her cinematic contributions and personal journey have left an indelible mark on Italian culture and the world of film.

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