Sandro Monzante Wikipedia Bio And Edad: How Old Is He?

Peruvian Actor Sandro Monzante is also a personal trainer and a TV host. He often updates his daily life on his media handles, however, people are curious about Sandro Monzante Wikipedia.

Sandra Monzante is an actor who started his career in 1995. He now works as a personal trainer and a speaker on physical health. 

While acting, Monzante starred in different productions such as “Canela,” “Luciana Y Nichoas, and Tribulation. And after a break, he made a comeback in mid-2021 with the series “The Other Liberators” in which he played one of the three Angulo brothers.

Similarly, he has also been in commercials on the Peru TV channels, especially on occasions like Father’s Day and Christmas.

Apart from his artistic life, he is passionate about sports and is recognized as a personal training coach.

Sandro Monzante Wikipedia Bio And Edad: How Old Is He?

Sandro Monzante’s birth date is July 3. His actual birth year has not been confirmed.

Monzante entered in the world of acting and movie in 1995 when he was about 20 years old. After starring in movies, he was introduced to modeling by his co-worker.

In 1998, Sandro worked as a model for Gisela Valcarcel, a Peruvian television hostess, actress, and businesswoman who owns Gisela and Amarige magazine.

After his work in the modeling field, he started getting movie offers more often. His career was at its peak in the 2000s.

However, Sandro started to fade out from the film industry in the early 2010s due to undisclosed reasons. After that, he was only part of small commercial and promotional projects. 

Sandro Monzante wikipedia
Snadro Monzante is a personal trainner in SOMA Studio Fitness. (Source: Instagram)

Nonetheless, Monzante started his journey as a professional physical trainer after he reduced his involvement in movies. He is now a personal trainer for many movie actors and stuntmen.

Besides this, he is also a speaker and shows presenter where he talks about physical health, mental health, and maintaining it. Similarly, Sandro is also part of the filasramas music band and performs occasionally. He looks comfortable in communicating with the audience, and he enjoys the most in the stages.

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More About Sandro Monzante Family and Children

Sandro Monzante married Model María Katia Olaechea in Febuary 8, 2008. The couple is blessed with three children: two daughters – Fabiana and Favorita Monzante and a son – Santino Monzante. 

Their precious family bonding is observed in their Instagram handles. Especially, Maria usually posts about the family get-together, birthday celebrations, and holidays.

In 1998, Sandro was once in a romantic relationship with Peruvian TV host Ethel Pozo. According to Ethel, their relationship lasted for about four years despite the age difference of six years. At that time Sandro was 23 and Ethel was 17.

In mid-2002 the couple got separated because of personal reasons. The exact reason for their parted way is not known. However, there were rumors that the parents of both families got insecure about their age differences.

Sandro Monzante wikipedia
Sandro Monzante with his wife and children. (Source: Instagram)

Despite of his hopeless romantic past Sandro is now happy and living his best with his wife and three children. Now, Sandro has a happy family of five sharing each other joys and sorrows.

His wife Maria has been helping him with his business. She is the managing director of SOMA  studio fitness, the fitness center which the couple founded together. Likewise, she is also a habit change coach at VIVRI – the company that aims to change the lifestyle of people through essential Nutrition Systems.

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