Sarah Dingle Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Journalist?

Sarah Dingle Wikipedia: She is An ABC investigative reporter, author and presenter with two Walkley Awards. But one point still needs to be answered: how old is the journalist?

Sarah Dingle is half Malaysian half Chinese, brought up in Australia. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia.

This gifted Journalist’s reporting on violence against women and children has earned her the Walkley Foundation’s Our Watch award and UN Media Peace Prizes, Amnesty Media Prizes, Kennedy Awards, the Voiceless Media Prize, and the Australian College of Educators Media Prize.

She is  famous for her Journalism as well as for her life-story book Brave New Humans: The Dirty Reality of Donor Conception.

Sarah Dingle Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Journalist?

Sarah Dingle was born in May 1980, which currently makes her 43 years old.

At some point in her life, she gained a keen interest in journalism and joined the field as a journalist.

She is currently working as reporter and presenter at the ABC and she also works across various radio and TV affairs.

At the age of 27, she found out that her father was not actually her biological father. Moreover, her mother had no idea who the donor was.

That’s when Sarah used her professional skills as a journalist to investigate her own existence when she finally recovered from her shock.

In 2021 she released her first book, Brave New Humans: The Dirty Reality of Donor Conception (Hardie Grant), which has been translated into Japanese and published in Japan by Nikkei National Geographic.

She is quite active in her Twitter account @sarahdingle_

Sarah Dingle Wikipedia : Personal Life

Sarah Dingle is the only child of her parents Siew and Gilbert. She was very close to her dad, a travel agent.

When Sarah Dingle was 15 and studying German, she decided to go on a three-month student exchange to Germany.

On a Christmas Day in Germany, She received a phone call from her grandfather telling her father went up on the roof to inspect something. Unfortunately, he was electrocuted and fell from there. 

When she flew back home, he was already in a coma. He never woke up

Sarah Dingle's parents
Sarah Dingle With Her Parents

Sarah is quite private about her personal life. As per her social media accounts, she is probably single as she has not shared anything regarding her husband or boyfriend.

Interestingly, during her decade-long search of her biological father, she found out that her friend, Rebecca Ronan, was her long-lost half sister.

Sarah Dingle Wikipedia : Career As A Journalist

Award-winning investigative ABC reporter and presenter Sarah Dingle, has looked into everything from indigenous issues to human rights to defense and sports.

Her radio documentaries for the ABC’s Background Briefing have been recognized by the Australian Human Rights Commission, the Australian Sports Commission Awards, and the National Press Club.

She participated in the Walkley Foundation Korea Media Exchange in 2023 and is the Australian laureate of the 2023 Elizabeth O’Neill Journalism Award, which is administered by the Australia-Indonesia Institute of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs.

In 2022 Brave New Humans was made into documentary film Inconceivable, currently nominated for a 2023 Rockie Award at Canada’s Banff Media Festival.

In 2019 Dingle addressed the United Nations in Geneva on biotechnology and the rights of the child. She was a recipient of an East-West Center Fellowship in 2019.

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Who Is The Real Father Of Sarah Dingle?

Sarah was eating with her mother in a restaurant one night when she discovered her identity was a half-truth.

Sarah was produced with the help of a sperm donor, her mother revealed in answer to a casual query. She said that the man who raised Sarah was not her biological father.

She began a decade-long journey to discover her biological father, combing through hospital records, following leads, and taking a DNA test.

Sarah discovered the fertility clinic of the public Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) in Sydney, where, technically, half of her was donated.

After years of dogging, Sarah also discovered that one of her friends, Rebecca Ronan, was actually her half- sister.

Together, they tracked down the man they thought was biological father. In 2016, They sent him a letter introducing themselves and asking him if he was their parent. 

His name was Steven McKenzie and he was in fact their biological father.

He mentioned his donor code at RNSH was AKH. And also he revealed that he’d written a letter back to his donor children.

In that heartfelt letter, he had mentioned how he would want to see her daughters too.

You can read a part of the letter below.

Yes, half of you came from me: your father wanted you but couldn’t get you, and it was I who did him the favour he needed most. Yes, I will let you know where that half of you came from. Yes, I will gladly meet you if that’s what you want. Yes, I will show you my life, and I will tell you about myself and my relatives. And I will always let you have any medical information you may need …


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