Shanin Blake Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Singer?

Netizens are curious about Shanin Blake Wikipedia and her professional and personal details. She is popular for her unique sound and dream pop music.

Shanin Blake is an independent musician based in the United States. She is well known among fans for her unique sound and tunes in the Dream pop genre.

Shanin’s presence on the musical stage and her performance are full of energy, which captivates music lovers and fans.

Recently, Shanin Blake has been busy preparing her performance for the Burning Man festival that will be held from 27 August- 4 September 2023.

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Shanin Blake Wikipedia And Age: An Independent Singer Musician

Shanin Blake is from Salt Lake City, Utah, and started her musical journey at sixteen.

Shanin Blake’s mother was a singer-songwriter and had a guitar at home. Blake first touched a guitar when she was fourteen and fell in love with it.

Jack Johnson is her all-time role model, and acquiring musical inspiration from him, Shanin began her musical career in 2011.

Twenty-eight-year-old Shanin is now a pop music sensation, gaining attention through her music on various platforms.

Moreover, she is not associated with record labels but has started Lebal Slothy Records.

In 2018, she released her first-ever album, Soul Child, and after one year, she returned with Talk Is Cheap. 

In 2023, she released her two songs, Energy Vampires and Bad Btch Energy, which are getting justifiable attention on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 

Shanin Blake Wikipedia
Shanin Blake has been in the pop music industry for more than a decade. (Source: Instagram)

Besides these newly released songs, other popular songs include Good Daze, Nature Song, and Goodbye.

Shanin Blake often posts videos and reels on her social media platform, jamming on her music.

Furthermore, Blake has quite an impressive fan following; she has over 380K followers on her Instagram account. Likewise, her TikTok account comprises more than 688K followers.

Shanin Blake became prominent when her music became popular on social media platforms, and pop critics loved her compositions. 

There are times when Shanin Blake becomes the topic of controversy among the netizens of social media. However, each time, Shanin defends herself and never stops following the passion that she holds. 

Similarly, her fans are also on her side whenever malicious comments target her.

Shanin Blake Family Ethnicity And Religion

Shanin Blake was born in Bluffdale, Utah, to parents who are Native American.

Blake recognizes herself as a Native American Hispanic artist. She grew up in a family that speaks fluent Spanish and is connected to Mexican culture.

Furthermore, Shanin ethnicity is a mix of American, Hispanic, and Irish heritage. 

Because of her exotic and typical looks, many of Shanin’s fans assumed that she might belong to the Indigenous community.

However, the artist once stated in her TikTok video that she does not belong to the Indigenous community but likes their culture and practices.

The exotic attire Shanin Blake usually sees is the indigenous attire of Utah society.

Shanin Blake Wikipedia
Shanin Blake with her daughter Juniper, younger sister, and mother. (Source: Instagram)

More about her family details, Shanin Blake is a single mother of her gorgeous daughter, Juniper Rhythm.

The night Juniper was born, Shanin’s husband was imprisoned for some undefined crime. Since day one, Shanin took care of her beloved daughter.

Juniper is almost ten years old and often seen with her mother, Shanin. The resemblance between mother and daughter is incredible.

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