Who Is Justin Manhattan, Song Yadong Son? Wiki And Age

Who is Song Yadong son? As the spotlight continues to shine on the athlete, fans and followers are curious to explore the details of his life.

Song Yadong, born on December 2, 1997, UFC fighter currently holding the #7 spot in the Bantamweight division. Raised by a single mother, he entered the world of mixed martial arts at just 13, before turning pro at 16.

His UFC debut in November 2017, on short notice against Baharat Kandare, marked the beginning of an impressive career. Currently, he holds the record of 21 – 7 – 1.

Throughout his UFC career, Song has experienced highs and lows. Notable victories include his knockout win over Marlon Moraes, earning him Performance of the Night accolades.

His accomplishments extend beyond the UFC, with championships in Sanda and Muay Thai. Likewise, his well-rounded skill set, positions Song Yadong as a rising star in the highly competitive world of UFC.

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Who Is Justin Manhattan, Song Yadong Son? Wiki And Age 

While the professional life of Song Yadong is well-documented, his personal life has been shrouded in mystery. Due to this, many have wondered about the identity of Song Yadong son.

Recent revelations have shed light on the fatherhood of the UFC bantamweight boxer’s life. Known as the “Kung Fu Monkey,” Song Yadong shared the joyous news of becoming a father in 2018.

Song Yadong son, named Justin Manhattan, was born on the evening of September 11th, US time. Affectionately nicknamed “Great Sage,” the announcement caught many by surprise.

Following that, Song Yadong took it in stride, stating, “Don’t be surprised, because I am always like this.”The father-son duo shares a striking resemblance, with Song Yadong proudly acknowledging their likeness.

Song Yadong Son
Song Yadong son was born in 2018 and is 5 years old. (Source: Sina)

Despite being only in his 20s, Song Yadong’s early parenthood may seem unexpected to some, but his busy schedule and training in the United States have likely contributed to this unique timeline.

The birth of Justin Manhattan, however, has brought immense joy to the young father, evident in the heartfelt Weibo post where he proudly announced his newfound fatherhood.

Likewise, the birth of the little one has not only delighted the young father but has also garnered blessings from fellow boxers and fans.

Justin, still a child, enjoys a close bond with his father. Song Yadong, depicted as an ideal father, has been pictured sharing moments of joy with his son, from swimming sessions to vacations and holidays.

The visible love and happiness in their relationship have not only warmed the hearts of fans but have also inspired admiration for Song Yadong beyond the fighting arena.

As Justin Manhattan grows, he is undeniably fortunate to have a father who cherishes and nurtures their relationship with such evident affection.

Meet Song Yadong Wife Daisy: Married Life And Family 

Song Yadong, the renowned UFC bantamweight fighter, is not just a force in the octagon but also a devoted family man. His wife, Daisy Yadong, adds a touch of mystery to the spotlight.

While her identity is not extensively covered in the media, interestingly, online reports suggest that UFC fans might be more familiar with Daisy than they realize.

According to various sources, Daisy Yadong often serves as her husband’s translator during post-fight interviews. A glimpse of her can be seen in a video capturing Yadong’s interview after his knockout victory over Marlon Moraes in 2022.

In an interview, Song Yadong expressed his deep appreciation for his wife’s role in his life, stating, “I feel very excited, my wife and son are here, that’s the most important bit for me.”

Song Yadong Son
Song Yadong wife, Daisy, is reported as his language translator. (Source: Sportsmanor)

This acknowledgment underlines the significance of family support in the fighter’s life. While Song Yadong’s professional life is widely covered, his personal life has maintained a level of privacy.

It was revealed that the couple got married in 2018 when Song Yadong was just 21 years old. Notably, Daisy Yadong is reported to be nine years older than Song Yadong, born in 1988.

Despite their age difference, the couple shares a strong bond. Daisy, often seen as Song Yadong’s sidekick on the court, has been a constant support in his journey.

Known for their preference for privacy, Song Yadong and Daisy emerge as a remarkable couple, inspiring others with their enduring love and support.

Beyond the glamour of the fighting arena, they stand as a perfect example of the power of companionship and the importance of family in the life of a dedicated athlete.

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