Sue Wylie Death Linked To Car Accident: Obituary

Discover Sue Wylie death and the cause of her demise. Did the news anchor die in a car accident?

Sue Wylie was a television trailblazer and longtime Lexington talk radio host for WVLK-590 AM.

Similarly, she was also a television anchor and producer. Sue is recognized as the first woman reporter in Kentucky to cover hard news stories on television. 

Moreover, she has a successful career with shows like Noon Today and Your Government. She served as an anchor on the shows and worked as a producer of Noon Today for more than twenty-two years.

In 2013, Sue Wylie took retirement from her career as a journalist, TV host, producer, and reporter.

Sue Wylie was regarded as one of the straightforward news and TV personalities. Such a respected person lost her life in a brutal accident and died at the age of ninety.

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Sue Wylie Death: Died In An Car Accident

Sue Wylie death news has shocked the whole journalism society. On 24 October 2023, while she was driving to Lexington, her car got into a collision at the intersection of Alumni Drive and Chinoe Road.

It was reported that Sue Wylie died in the Emergency department at the University of Kentucky Chandler Hospital at 7:47 p.m. on Tuesday, 24 October.

Police had reported that, due to the intense crash, Sue suffered from massive blood loss, which affected the internal visceral organs of ninety-year-old women and caused Sue Wylie death.

Similarly, according to the police and investigation report, five vehicles were involved in the collision, which was reported at 4:55 P.m.

Sue Wylie Death
Sue Wylie Death: The radio and TV host died in a Car Crash. (Source: Kentucky)

Apart from Sue Wylie, the other two people were also sent to hospital. They are in their normal condition after battling for their life, but Sue Wylie failed to do so.

Furthermore, the Fayette County Coroner told the media that the doctor claimed that Sue Wylie had several minor injuries, and most of them were unclear.

After she was taken to the hospital in the emergency department, Wylie suffered several trauma shocks and eventually lost her life, failing to deal with the injuries.

Sue Wylie Death And Obituary: The News Anchor Lived A Meaningful Life

Sue Wylie had a long, successful career. While she was active in her profession, she was a household name in the Lexington area.

Sue’s career in broadcasting began in Cincinnati in the 1950s, and it longed for about six decades. Her long-term career was based in WLEX, where she joined in 1968.

Before that, Sue Wylie worked in Columbus, Ohio, and Miami, where she was among the first women to cover the hard news on television.

Furthermore, Sue Wylie worked as a host to several governors in the show Your Government” in the 1970s. During that time, she worked with political figures like Ronald Reagan, Ted Kennedy, and Jesse Jackson.

The prominent journalist Sue Wylie, retired from a thirty-year career at LEX 18 in 1998. But she continued to host a talk radio show until 2013.

Apart from her work on TV and radio, Sue also did voices and dramatics for a Rod Serling show called “The Strom in the 1950s.

Sue Wylie Death
Sue Wylie’s contribution to American journalism is incredible. (Source: Wtvq)

For her contribution to journalism, she was inducted into the Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame in 1999.

A respected person who has made the greatest contribution to journalism is no longer with us. After Sue Wylie death news, several popular faces remembered her legacy and provided a tribute to her work.

Lex 18 remembered her as one of the loved hosts and anchors; the UK JAM School provided a tribute to her contribution and mentioned her as their role model.

Besides this, people all over the world took a moment to celebrate Sue’s life journey and remember her remarkable legacy.

Rest In Peace, Sue Wylie. You will be remembered.

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