Sukihana Husband: Who Is Her 3 Kids Father?

Want to Know about Sukihana husband and learn about her three children and her family details? Go through the following article for detailed personal information about the rapper, tagged as a controversial queen.

Sukihana, whose real name is Destiny Lanette Henderson, is an American rapper and television personality.

Sukihana rose to prominence as a cast member on the VH1 reality series Love&Hip Hop: Miami in 2020. She is famous for her bold appearance, song lyrics, and confident personality.

Sukihana released her mixtape Wolf Pussy in 2020 and Casamigos in April 2023.

Besides this, Sukihana made a cameo appearance in Cardi B‘s music video Wap which was released on 7 August 2020. Her fans love her, and other artists admire her and her unique works.

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Who Is Sukihana Husband: Her Children Daddy?

Sukihana is not engaged with anyone at the moment. Thirty-one years old rapper is enjoying her professional and personal life along with her kids.

However, she got engaged to rapper Kill Bill in 2020. The couple met on the shooting of the reality show Love &Hip Hop in Miami.

Their relationship deepened, and they eventually engaged in 2020 after the show. However, their compatibility was tested, and their relationship ended in 2021. 

After about one year of on and off of their relationship, they finally decided to be separated. 

Although the connection between Sukihana and Kill Bill is not strong, their relationship with the children is good. 

Kill Bill has one son Zayden from his previous relationship, and Sukihana has altogether three children- two sons and one daughter.

Sukihana Husband
Sukihana and Kill Bill together used to take care of four children and lived happily even if it was for a short period. (Source: Atlantablackstar)

Kill Bill loved Sukihana’s children; the same goes for the female rapper Suki.

In episode 12 of Love and Hip Hop in Miami season 3, the ex-couples talked with each other’s children and publicly shared family information. 

In the reality show, Sukihana talked with her elder son Des and her other kids. She seems so polite and loves her children so much

After the talk with her children, she stated that she would do everything just to make her kids happy and let them live a luxurious life. 

Sukihana barely shows her children in media, and her children reside with her grandmother Cynthia in Atlanta. 

There is no exact information on the Sukihana children’s biological father. However, the children got to experience a short-term fatherly love from Kill Bill.

Otherwise, Mother Sukihana provides them with lots of love and care and fulfills both mother’s and father’s love for her three kids.

Who is Sukihana Ex-Fiance Kill Bill?

The relationship between Sukihana and Kill Bill is known to the Hip Hop community and her fans and followers. 

Sukihana’s Ex-fiance Kill Bill is an American rapper and songwriter and also the starring cast of season 3 of Love &Hip Hop Miami.

After separating from Sukihana, he has made his own life, enjoying it with his beloved son Zayden and her girlfriends.

After leaving Sukihana’s side, she has been in several relationships, most recently with Jajanay _iamauthenticc . She is an entrepreneur and CEO of Adore Luxe Boutique.

Sukihana Husband
Kill Bill is in a relationship with Jalanay. (Source: Instagram)

The couple quote each other as their finances in their social media captions; however, we have to see if Kill Bill shares marriage vows with his girlfriend Jajanay shortly.

Kill Bill is now living his life happily, spending time with his son and fiance, and he posts several pictures of him and his small family on his Instagram account. 

Some of the fans are still lingering around Sukihana and Kill Bill’s relationship and claim that the couple is still together in private.

However, from the artist’s side, they are clear about their relationship ending. It might be that they are only good friends and are not connected romantically but professionally.

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