Tom Segura Wig And Hair Loss: Face Burn Story Explained

Stand-up comedian and humorist Segura often comes with different kinds of wigs in his podcasts and programs. Here, we will discuss the reason behind Tom Segura wig and hair loss problem.

American stand-up comedian, author, actor, and podcaster Thomas Weston Segura is popular among his fans for his humor. The comedian also co-hosts the “Your Mom’s House” podcast with his wife Christina Pazsitzky.

He is loved among his fans for his comedy timing and satire. His comedy context is mainly based on sarcasm, insult, deadpan, and observational comedy.

Furthermore, the comedian also co-hosts another podcast Two Bears One Cave with a friend Bret Krischer, a fellow comedian.

The chemistry of these two makes the audience stick on their sits and emerge into their hilarious comic content.

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Tom Segura Wig And Hair Loss

If you follow Tom’s podcast, you probably have noticed that he wears a variety of wigs and often has a long conversation about hair problems.

There is a valid reason behind it and it is about the hair loss that Tom faced at a young age. It is not due to any diseases neither it was because of any accident.

What Tom suffered is the problem of most American men in their mid-adulthood. Tom is above 40 now, and he does not have a single hairline in his head. 

Because of this, he felt insecure and want to revive his hair. Thus, in 2021 he did hair transplant surgery with the help of Dr. Morrison. The comedian has announced the news through a video in his Instagram post.

Tom Segura Wig
Tom Segura has had hair transplants several times but, none of the hair lines pleased him. (Source: Instagram)

However, Tom was not quite satisfied with his transplanted hairline and decided to remove it after some time. He mentioned the dissatisfaction in his podcast “Your Mother’s Home” episode 678.

Thus, now the comedian is relying on a wig whenever he wants to have hair on his head, and most of the time he is in his true self overcoming hair insecurity by openly talking about it.

People love Tom Segura for his works and his fans will support him for his true self and pure heart.

Tom Segura Face Burn Story Explained

On his podcast with his wife Christina, Tom had shown up with a burned red face several times. Christina constantly suggested that he should get a check-up, but he kept denying it saying it is a normal sunburn.

After months of discussion, in December 2022, Tom finally visited the dermatologist and the medical team confirmed it as a second-degree burn.

Later, he revealed on the podcast that, thankfully it was not a third-degree burn which is the most severe one.

After the check-up, he was recommended facial ointments, creams, and solutions which were for the healing process. But, after applying ointments his face became reddish which freaked him out.

Tom Segura Wig
Tom Segura had suffered a second-degree face burn and it was controlled after the treatment. (Source: Youtube)

Later, he got the confirmation that it was the healing process. Now, he has partially healed from the face burn problems, and if the problem recurred he does immediate treatment.

Besides this, Segura’s face has encountered several accidents. One time in his studio he was hit by the ceiling light straight in his face which resulted in some burns and cuts. 

At that time also he was neglecting it but later did some treatment on his face.

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