Tore Fazzi Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Musician?

Tore Fazzi the in the Italian music industry for more than five decades. However, Tore Fazzi Wikipedia is yet to be formed to display his contribution and to tell his stories.

Italian Singer and music producer Tore Fazzi is a member of the Italian music band ‘The Collage.’

In the band, he holds the position of vocals and bass. He has been an active member of the Band from 1971-present.

Collage enjoyed pretty much success between the seventies and eighties; they also secured a second position at the Sanremo Festival in 1977.

Besides the band projects and music Tore is also involved in solo projects and collaborations with other Italian singers time and again.

The Collage Member Tore Fazzi Wikipedia And Bio

Tore Fazzi studied law at the University of Sassari and was a high school student at Liceo Classico Dante Alighieri. Although he studied law, he has a great passion and love for music.

Tore Fazzi first joined the Collage Band with his brother Piero Fazzi. The band was first formed in Olbia and started by guitarist Peiro Pischedda. Pischedda brought all his trusted companions and friends with a passion for music.

Tore was assigned to the position of vocal and bass.

The group started their first step into the music industry by performing in festivals and in the programs conducted by their known ones.

In 1972, they participated as guests in the Castrocaro festival with the song ‘Tu che pensi a tutto.’ Then, fast forward to 1975, Collage recorded their first single “Wrong Angles.” After that, they signed a contract with the recording label SAAR.

In 1976 they won the Castrocaro festival which helped them to achieve fame among the general public.

Collage was one of the most hyped bands at the time in the late seventies and early eighties. They attended tours, released singles and albums, and performed a number of concerts.

Then at the beginning of the nineties group faced defection when members started to leave the one by one. At that time, the Fazzi brothers play a great role in sustaining the group.

Tore Fazzi Wikipedia
The Members of Collage Band. (Source: Instagram )

They made collaboration with other musicians and gave rise to the experiments of new sounds, tracks, and music. These all aid the band to stand by not collapsing in the haze.

In 2020 Peiro Fazzi also left the group. Thus, Tore Fazzi is the only remaining member that sustained in the band up to this point. Today, the Collage band comprises four members:  Tore Fazzi, Fabio Nicosia, Uccio Soro, and FrancescoAstera, Tore Fazzi being the leader of the band.

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Tore Fazzi Age: How Old Is He?

Tore Fazzi’s birth date is July 31, but we could not trace his birthday year. However, he is believed to be in his late sixties.

Tore’s passion for music is the element that makes him young and energetic. He has been releasing his solo singles and albums every year.

Similarly, he has been collaborating with the young singer and some singers of his time, performing in college festivals, and involving in music projects in recent years.

Tore Fazzi Wikipedia
Tore Fazzi celebrated his birthday on July 31. (Source: Instagram )

Su Pipiriolu Inue, Nasched su sole, and Zia Mariola are some of the songs he released recently. In 2021, he collaborated with Maria Lusia Congju on the song ‘Lughe Noa,’ which received positive feedback from the fans of Collage, Tore Fazzi, and Maria Luisa.

The fans’ longing to listen to Collage’s music has ended because the band has just dropped their new song Rinasco – I’m Reborn on June 2, 2023.

The music, lyrics, and cinematography are depicted as if the Band Collage is really reborn in this new era with a new taste.

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