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Athletic and entertaining diva Torrie Wilson is a diva who shone and relished in the spotlights than most others. She was a perfect fit for wrestling and sports entertainment during one of its most glorious eras.

Throughout her cherished career, she was a crucial part of women’s division wherever she performed. Torrie also brought a different charisma with herself apart from being a candy of all viewer’s eyes.

People feel that she deserved a lot more opportunities to push towards titles and accolades. Above all, she wasn’t just an outstanding entertainer but also a very good wrestler.

This techniker wrestling diva could win against any opposition by applying her deadly finishing moves. Neckbreaker and Nose Job were her most favored moves to put her opponents out.

torrie wilson net worth

Stunning beauty Torrie Anne

Torrie Wilson is one of the females in the wrestling who played the diva’s role to perfection. Till this day, people argue and moan about not having a diva as her. Therefore, we can say that she surely has had a great career and made a place for her in the hearts of wrestling fans.

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Quick Facts About Torrie Wilson:

Real Name  Torrie Anne Wilson
Ring Name  Torrie Wilson, Samantha
Date of Birth  July 24, 1975 (Age: 45 Years)
Marital Status  Married
Birthplace  Boise, Idaho, United States
Ethnicity  White
Profession  Professional Wrestler, Model, Fitness Competitor, Blogger, Actress
Nationality  American
Net Worth  Estimated at around  $18 Million dollars
Height  5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Weight  133 lb (60 kg)
Horoscope  Leo

Early Life

Torrie Anne Wilson was born in the city of Boise in Idaho. It is almost hard to believe that from the spacious farms of Idaho, this beautiful diva emerged. Similarly, she has also admitted that she was a shy girl growing up.

torrie wilson hall of fame

Wilson is one of the most desired women

During her school years, Wilson actively took part in track, dance, and cheerleading. Since her sophomore year, Torrie grew more and more serious about modeling. Above all, she wasn’t even much of a wrestling fan growing up, unlike many other superstars.

To pursue modeling, she was told to lose weight. In the process of losing weight, Torrie Anne eve suffered from anorexia nervosa and bulimia. After recovering, she started getting involved in fitness.

Wilson took part in several competitions and even won Miss Galaxy competition of 1998. She even spent some time with Extreme Fitness Team and on Women’s Tri-Fitness Championships. Also in 1998, Torrie moved to Los Angeles and pursued acting. She even had several acting jobs prior to her wrestling days.

Age & Body Measurements

This beautiful blonde was born on the 24th of July, 1975. Torrie Wilson age is 45 years. Although she is no longer active in the ring, she still makes sporadic appearances which rolls back the years and memories.

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In addition, she has the most amazing body and assets. Due to her stunning looks, she was even considered as an attraction wrestler rather than a typical wrestler.

However, this isn’t true, and she actually is pretty talented in the ring. Torrie Wilson height is an impressive 5 ft 7 inches and weighs around 133 lbs.

Torrie Wilson Net Worth

Wilson is a talented lady who has excelled and had a successful career in multiple sectors. Be it as an actress, model, fitness competitor, or wrestling superstar; she has always found success.

torrie wilson instagram

Torrie with her beloved dogs

Having spread her wings in so many fields, Torrie Anne has also made a lot of followers along with the success that followed. In addition, she has also earned a lot of cash to show for all her good work. Torrie Wilson net worth is estimated at around a gigantic $18 Million dollars.

Who’s Torrie Wilson Married To?

Torrie is married to Justin Tupper. They got married in September of 2019. Previously, she was also married to Peter Gruner. Peter is also a former wrestler known by his ring name Billy Kidman.

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Billy was also one of the people she received her wrestling training from. In addition, she even dated Alex Rodriguez from 2011 till 2015. Also known as A-Rod, he is currently engaged to singer Jennifer Lopez.

Personal Life

Wilson is a close friend of actress Stacy Keibler. In addition, they were even roommates during a period. After retiring from wrestling, Torrie began blogging and became a fitness instructor.

Wilson even has her own clothing line called Officially Jaded. Wilson also lost her father only a couple of days prior to her WWE Hall of Fame induction.


Surprisingly, her wrestling days began after attending a WCW event with her boyfriend. She was asked to walk out with Scott Steiner after visiting backstage. She was a part of WCW from 1999 to 2000.

After that, she made her debut in WWE in 2001. From ten till 2008, she was a part of various intriguing storylines that made the fans pop up from their seats.

However, in 2008, she decided to call it a stop to her wrestling days. Due to all that she’s given, Torrie was even inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019.

Torrie Wilson Instagram & Other Social Media

Instagram: 1M Followers

Facebook: 686K Followers

Twitter: 564.8K Followers

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