Who Is Travis Dermott Wife Katerina Di Lucia? Meet Baby Rosa Ruth

Meet Travis Dermott wife and his children. Read about the familial dynamics and marital life of the player.

Travis Dermott is a Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman for the Arizona Coyotes of the National Hockey League (NHL). 

27 years old, Travis started his career in 2015 when the Toronto Maple Leafs drafted him in the 2015 NHL draft 34th overall.

Travis Dermott made his professional debut in 2016 with the Maple Leafs. Then, in 2018, he played in the NHL against the Boston Bruins.

Travis is known for his competitive personality and challenging spirit. Not only in the ring, the player is also indulging himself in Challenges in real life.

Throughout Dermott’s seven-year NHL Career, Travis used Pride Tabe on his stick to support the LGBTQ+ community. This made the NHL ban reverse for refraining the players from using tape stuck in hockey sticks.

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Travis Dermott Wife, Katerina Di Lucia: His Sweetheart

Travis Dermott is engaged to a gorgeous lady, Katerina Di Lucia. The couple has been together since 2017.

Travis and Katerina started their relationship as friends, which changed into a romantic intimation in 2017, and they started dating since then.

After five years of relationship, the couple finally tied their engagement knot in February 2022.

There is not any official news of their marriage dates, but as of 6 February 2022, on his Instagram post, he wrote My Wife in one of the pictures of him and Katerina.

Travis Dermott wife and personal life with Travis are known to the fans. However, her professional life details are not clearly known.Travis Dermott wife

Travis Dermott wife: The player is engaged to Katerina Di Lucia. (Source: Instagram) One of the Travis fans wrote on Reddit that they met Katerina when she used to work at the American Eagle near Spadina and Queen. They find the interaction with Travis Dermott wife wholesome. This defined her as a sweet and loving person.

Furthermore, when we took a look at her Facebook account, we found that Katerina has a love for animals. She often posts pictures of dogs and organizes charity for those who need it.

Travis Dermott wife, Katerina Di Lucia, love for animals makes the fans assume she is an animal activist and security provider. Moreover, Katerina Di is also fond of sports; she often goes to Cycling with her husband, Travis Dermott.

Travis Dermott And Katerina Di Lucia Kid: Rosa Ruth

Canadian hockey player Travis Dermott is a father to an adorable child, Rose Ruth Dermott. The baby daughter was born in early 2023.

On 9 March 2023, Travis introduced his daughter to the public. Travis Dermott is a proud father to his daughter. The delight and happiness on his face sparkled the joy of being a father to Travis.

Travis Dermott’s daughter, Rosa Ruth, is an adorable being. She has captivated fan’s hearts with her cute looks and angelic smile.

Lots of congratulatory messages are filled in the comments of Travis when he uploaded the precious moments with his daughter for the first time.

Travis Dermott wife
Travis Dermott and his wife Katerina Di Lucia with daughter Rosa Ruth. (Source: Instagram)

Travis Dermott’s colleagues and fans wished a happy family to him and his wife, Katerina Di Lucia.

Similarly, Travis thanked his beloved wife for such an amazing family and considered himself the luckiest person.

After the news of Travis’s influence on the NHL ban, he was questioned on his act by the media and the public.

Responding to the questions, Travis Dermott mentioned that he wants to be a good example for his daughter and wants to give her good parenting in a positive environment.

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