Germany Troy Bohling Family: Brother Trevor Mother Mary And Sister

Troy Bohling confessed to raping and murdering Eva Liu and her friend, Kelsey Chang, after luring them to a hiking trail in Bavaria. However, Troy Bohling family seems unfazed about his heinous activity. 

Troy Phillip Bohling, a resident of Metro Detroit, has become embroiled in criminal activities, most notably admitting to grave charges of rape and murder.

In a harrowing incident less than a year ago, Bohling forcibly pushed two women down a ravine close to Germany’s iconic Neuschwanstein Castle.

His confession details his heinous acts, particularly the assault on Eva Liu, a University of Illinois graduate from Naperville.

Unfortunately, Liu passed away from her injuries after the attack. Bohling now faces legal consequences, having been charged with murder and other offenses in Germany.

This disturbing case underscores the gravity of his actions as an American tourist, revealing his character’s dark and disturbing side.

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Read About Germany Troy Bohling Family

In a tragic incident near Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle, Troy Phillip Bohling, a 31-year-old man hailing from Michigan, confessed to appalling crimes.

These crimes involved the assault, rape, and murder of Eva Liu, a young woman from Naperville and a graduate of the University of Illinois.

Troy Bohling Family
Troy Bohling admitted to raping and killing Eva Liu and her friend, Kelsey Chang (Source: Mirror)

The shocking revelation unfolded during Bohling’s trial at a District Court in Kempten following a massive police operation that led to his arrest.

Liu’s tragic death concluded a horrifying ordeal initiated when Bohling targeted her and her friend, Kelsey Chang, both U of I graduates, on a hiking trip in Germany.

Chang, bravely attempting to intervene, was also pushed into a ravine by Bohling but miraculously survived.

The tranquil setting of the 19th-century castle sharply contrasted with the harrowing events, leaving Liu’s loved ones and investigators struggling to comprehend the tragedy.

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Troy Bohling Brother Trevor Mother Mary And Sister

Public records indicate that Troy Bohling and his brother, Trevor, resided in a modest single-story residence in Lincoln Park, Michigan.

Troy was born to his mother, Mary, and also has a sister. Situated approximately 11 miles from Detroit, this suburban setting served as their familial abode.

From an unnamed neighbor cited by the Daily Mail, Troy was characterized as reserved, with a tendency to avoid direct eye contact when entering or exiting the premises.

The neighbor was deeply shocked by the accusations against Bohling, fearing his misconduct could go beyond the current charges.

Bohling’s family stayed silent despite attempts to contact them, leaving the community unsettled and seeking answers after these troubling revelations.

Troy Bohling Family
Troy Bohling lived with his family in a modest single-story home in Michigan (Source: Daily Mail)

According to prosecutors, while in Germany, Bohling met two female tourists at the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, thought to have inspired Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

Eva Liu, aged 21, and Kelsey Chang, aged 22, were nearing the end of their European adventure when the encounter took place.

While traversing a mountain trail, both women reportedly slipped, prompting Bohling to suggest they conclude their adventure for the day.

He then offered to guide them to a scenic viewpoint on their way back to the castle under the pretext of capturing romantic selfies with a better perspective of the castle.

However, at this secluded spot, Bohling allegedly assaulted Ms. Liu, pushing her to the ground and committing rape.

In a courageous attempt to intervene, Ms. Chang stepped in, only to be forcibly pushed into the ravine during the altercation.

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