Vanessa Daroch Edad And Wikipedia: How Old Is The Tarot Reader?

Many Chileans search for Vanessa Daroch edad online as the tarot reader is gaining popularity daily. She is a Medium and Chilean Tarot reader known for her abilities or gifts to connect with people who have died.

Vanessa Daroch is well-known for participating in the Chilean television program “Psíquicos,” where contestants showcase their psychic abilities such as mediumship, tarot reading, and magic tricks. They make predictions related to famous people in the South American country.

Vanessa appeared in the second season of “Psíquicos” and competed with various mediums and people with psychic abilities to demonstrate their supernatural powers.

The tarot reader had a prominent role in this competition, coming in third place. Although she didn’t win, she acquired the notoriety and fame of a lifetime from the show.

Besides the show, she has also participated in several Chilean television magazines where she makes predictions and talks about esoteric topics.

In television appearances, she has worked in cases of people who have lost their relatives to death.

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Vanessa Daroch Edad: How Old Is The Tarot Reader?

The tarot reader, Vanessa Daroch edad, is unknown. She is mostly known by Chilean audiences and those who believe in psychic phenomena. However, Daroch is yet to get broad recognition.

Hence, her details are rarely found online, especially regarding personal information like her date of birth, place of birth, or her parents.

Moreover, her social media has no information on her personal life. She is seen using the platform solely for professional reasons and has not posted any moments of her personal life or family.

Vanessa Daroch Edad
Vanessa Daroch Edad is unknown, as her details are not found online. (Source:

Though Vanessa Daroch edad is yet to be known, looking at the experience she has had in the field of tarot reading, it can be said that she has already lived many years of her life.

As of 2024, she might be in between 31 to  41 years old considering her appearance in her pictures. 

Despite her age, she has achieved a place in the field of tarot reading, which takes decades to reach. Daroch has established herself as not just any tarot reader but a celebrity tarot reader.

Vanessa Daroch Wikipedia And Bio

Vanessa Daroch was born in Chilli. She has Chilean ethnicity and nationality.

Though her birthplace is not yet revealed, she is a native of Chilli and was raised there. Vanessa pursued her career and reached this fame in the same place.

She believes to have had this gift of supernatural abilities since childhood, though she has recognized it lately.

As a kid, Vanessa always wanted to sing and even started enrolling in the choir in school.

She is fond of karaoke nights and often does it with her friends to exercise her voice and enjoy one of her favorite activities.

Vanessa Daroch Edad
Vanessa Daroch conducts her tarot reading service through her website (Source: )

Her psychic abilities have made her more empathetic to other beings. She is an animal lover and has 8 dogs in her residence. She also helps organizations that look after stray dogs.

Professionally, Vanessa is actively pursuing tarot reading and providing her psychic services to her customers. She conducts this service through her website

On the same website, she also sells exclusive products such as amulets, talismans, feng shui decoration, and natural stones of “Emporio Daroch,” the official store of Vanessa Daroch.  

Vanessa Daroch Family Details

Vanessa has not revealed any details about her parents or early life. The tarot reader rarely shares her life publicly and prefers to maintain her family’s privacy.

Besides her parents and siblings, the tarot reader has her own family. She is married and has two kids. She, however, has not shared any details about her husband and kids.

Vanessa Daroch Edad
Vanessa Daroch is married and has two kids. (Source: Gastonspight)

Once in the new chapter of “But with respect,” she revealed to Julio César Rodríguez that one of her children has the same gift as her. She said that her eldest son shares these characteristics with her.

Vanessa lives as ordinary as anyone once she is out of the spotlight. She is a woman who enjoys life with her loved ones and respects everyone’s space.

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