Wendell B DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder): Mental Health Update

Popular Southern R&B artist passed away on 3rd August 2023 at Sixty-five. His death has sent a shockwave to his fans and family. After his death news, people were more concerned about the singer’s health issues before death, and the news of Wendell B DID is also emerging.

Wendell Brown, popularly known by his stage name Wendell B is a southern R&B artist whose inspiration as a vocalist range from Bobby Womack and Barry White to Luther Vandross and Will Downing.

The St. Louis, Missouri Native Wendell has kept the blues in R&B, unlike most commercial songs that circulated since his early 90s debut.

Wendell B’s debut title single, “Yu Want 2 Play Me,” was popular among youth then. His songs include Good Times, Live Life and Relationships, In Touch with My Southern Soul, Get to Know Me, and The Next 1

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Wendell B DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder): Mental Health Update

The news of Wendell B’s death circulated in the media after his friend Curtis Muldrew‘s post on Facebook. In his post, Curtis mentioned that the legendary singer and vocalist Wendell Brown passed away on the morning of 3, August 2023. 

Along with his death news, the concerns about his health issue also increased among fans, and some of the fans and news portals mentioned Wendell having Dissociative Identity disorder.

It was not confirmed that the R&B artist had DID, as he never discussed that. However, the team members with whom he used to work once mentioned Wendell B having Dissociative identity disorder.

Wendell B DID
Wendell B is admiring his younger self through pictures. (Source: Instagram)

In the episodes of Wendell’s illness, they mentioned that he used to show different behavior than usual and completely forgot his unusual actions after a particular time. 

Wendell B is regarded as one of the kindest and sweetest Southern artists, and his split in behavior was quickly noticeable, and people classified it as DID.

However, Wendell never wanted to talk about his mental issues, problems, and physical illness. So, we could not confirm whether the vocalist has DID, or it was only a false speculation.

Wendell B Passed Away: What Was The Cause Of His Death?

The gifted musician has bid farewell to the world at the age of Sixty-five. His melodic and commanding vocals were like a smooth tune to the listener’s ears and mind.

Such a talented artist lost his battle with Cancer and passed away on Thursday morning 3. August 2023.

On 25th September 2022, Wendell announced his Cancer diagnosis of Lung Cancer through his Instagram account and then immediately went to treatment. Wendell B was hospitalized for about two months.

After that, Brown immediately resumed all of his works and music while he was still under treatment. Thus, fans believed that his illness recurred and made his body miserable, leading to his demise.

Wendell B DID
Wendell B was hospitalized several times for the treatment process of Cancer. (Source: Instagram)

His close family members might reveal Wendell’s exact death cause after their time of mourning for the safe and peace of the deceased soul.

Fans and followers worldwide are sending tons of heartfelt condolences and emotional messages to Wendell B’s family and friends. 

May God give the artist’s family enough power to bear the grief and stay strong.

Even though Brown’s physical attire will not be with us, his creation, music, and songs will always remain in the heart of his fans and family.

Rest In Peace, Wendell Brown.

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