What Happened To Nanny Faye Chrisley? Health Update

Discover the latest on, What happened to Nanny Faye Chrisley? Get the updates on her triumphant battle against bladder cancer and remission.

Nanny Faye Chrisley, the resilient matriarch of the Chrisley clan, has weathered life’s storms with grace.

Born and raised in the southern charm of Westminster, South Carolina, she found herself thrust into the spotlight alongside her son Todd Chrisley, the real estate tycoon turned reality TV sensation.

Despite the challenges, Nanny Faye faced a personal battle with bladder cancer, triumphantly sharing on her granddaughter Lindsie Chrisley’s podcast, Southern Tea, that she now stands in the glow of remission.

Her indomitable spirit and newfound health add a heartwarming chapter to the ongoing saga of the Chrisley family.

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What Happened To Nanny Faye Chrisley?

In June 2022, Todd Chrisley, the charismatic star of Chrisley Confessions podcast, revealed a challenging chapter in the Chrisley family’s life—Nanny Faye’s diagnosis with bladder cancer.

The news unfolded as Todd candidly shared that his 77-year-old mother began her battle with the illness in the fall of 2021, opting to keep the struggle private.

Acknowledging the weight of the situation, Todd expressed a plea for privacy, emphasizing Nanny Faye’s age and the intensity of her life-threatening fight.

The family’s journey with the matriarch’s health remained largely undisclosed, adhering to a respectful silence.

Nanny Faye Chrisley illness
Nanny Faye was diagnosed with bladder cancer. (Image Source: Distractify)

Bladder cancer, prevalent among older individuals, disproportionately affects those aged 55 and above, as highlighted by the American Cancer Society.

Navigating the trials of a cancer diagnosis, the Chrisleys leaned on their faith, with Todd expressing daily prayers for his mother’s healing.

The lack of detailed information adds an air of mystery to Nanny Faye’s health battle, leaving fans and well-wishers with a heartfelt concern for the beloved matriarch’s well-being.

As the family grapples with the challenges of illness, Todd’s initial call for respect and privacy remains a poignant reminder of the personal struggles that often accompany public figures, emphasizing the universality of facing adversities and the strength derived from family bonds.

Nanny Faye Chrisley Health Update 2023

In a heartening health update, Nanny Faye Chrisley, the beloved matriarch of the Chrisley family, shared the news of her triumph over bladder cancer.

Appearing on her granddaughter Lindsie Chrisley’s PodcastOne series, The Southern Tea, the 80-year-old joyfully announced her remission.

Expressing gratitude for her grandchildren’s support, Nanny Faye revealed her active post-remission lifestyle, emphasizing her blessings and the love she feels from her family.

Lindsie, reflecting the family’s collective relief, expressed joy at the clear scans and the positive turn in her grandmother’s health.

Nanny Faye elaborated on her treatment journey, citing a clear PET scan and the anticipation of a three-month follow-up to assess further progress.

The upbeat exchange echoed a prior February update on Savannah Chrisley’s Unlocked podcast, where Nanny Faye, known for her resilience, shared her approach to facing challenges.

Nanny Faye Chrisley
Nanny expressed, “I’m grateful to be in remission, thank God. I’ve been active, doing my best.” (Image source: People)

Embracing a positive mindset, she emphasized adapting to life’s dealt cards and persevering with resilience.

Despite undergoing chemotherapy, Nanny Faye displayed remarkable strength, earning the affectionate title of a “champ” from granddaughter Savannah.

The image painted is one of tenacity, with Nanny Faye not only facing health challenges head-on but also finding moments of joy, including spirited trips to the casino after chemo treatments.

The Chrisley family’s unwavering support and Nanny Faye’s upbeat spirit have become emblematic of resilience in the face of adversity.

The news of her remission marks a poignant chapter in her health journey, celebrated by family, fans, and podcast listeners alike, reaffirming the indomitable spirit of a beloved family matriarch.

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