What Is Wrong With Cal Wilson Teeth? Sugery Before And After

What is the story about Cal Wilson teeth? Even after the untimely demise of the television personality, people are still curious about her teeth transformation.

Cal Wilson was a New Zealander stand-up comedian popular as an author and radio and television presenter based in Australia.

Started her career in 1997 as a stand-up comedian full-time. She was the inaugural winner of New Zealand’s most prestigious comedy award.

Similarly, Wilson also co-founded the Court Jesters improv group, which mainly worked in theatre sports.

Throughout her life, Cal Wilson contributed her services to radio programs and television shows. Similarly, she also worked as a host for several ceremonies and award shows.

Such an incredible talent and remarkable person died on 11 October 2023 at fifty-three.

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Find Out, What Is Wrong With Cal Wilson Teeth?

If you have ever listened to the humorous stand-up comedy and other comical content of Cal Wilson, it is impossible not to notice her bright smile.

Cal’s smile was so captivating and sweet, which made the audience feel a sense of warmth and comfort.

However, there are rumors on the internet regarding Cal Wilson’s teeth. Some claimed that the comedian had dental surgery way before her career. While other points out that Cal chose the surgery because of the tooth complication.

But, none of the arguments is reaching out near the exact reason. Cal Wilson never had dental surgery or reformed her teeth.

Since the day we saw her in the television show and on the stand-up comedy stage, her teeth have been persistent throughout her life.

Similarly, the late comedian never mentioned undergoing surgery and any medical work on her teeth and never talked about that on any media platforms.

Cal Wilson Teeth
Cal Wilson teeth were healthy and she took special care of it without any medical help. (Source: Dailymail)

In some of her comedy verses when she wrote content for the stage, Cal sometimes mentions that her teeth hurt when she continuously stayed in the cold for several hours.

However, she pointed this out in comic sessions of her performance. Thus, it is hard to believe whether she was giving genuine information or humorous content.

Nevertheless, even if it were true, it is clear that Cal Wilson teeth had never undergone surgery but might have encountered some medication or painkillers to relieve the intense pain.

Cal Wilson Teeth: Before And After

There has been lots of discussion and arguments regarding Cal Wilson teeth. Some fans pointed out she reformed her teeth, comparing her old pictures with the recent ones.

However, the story is different than that. Young Cal Wilson was new to the stage and had lots of going on her mind. Thus, out of nervousness and shyness, she rarely smiled.

When Cal knew her values and potential on the stage and in public, she smiled in the crowd and engaged in social interaction.

Moreover, in her old pictures where Cal smiled ear to ear, the teeth structure is the same now. But, there was a slight difference in the color pigment in her teeth.

Cal Wilson Teeth
Cal Wilson teeth persistency, Before and after aging. (Source: Themirror)

Cal Wilson’s teeth were whiter than before, concluding that the comedian performed whitening on her teeth to give them a new and fresh look.

Apart from Whitening, taking relief pills, and taking care of it regularly, Cal Wilson never performed other types of experiments on her precious teeth.

Now, Cal Wilson is not present between us physically. But she will be remembered for her remarkable works in the entertainment field and her heartwarming smile.

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