Who Is Alen Moradian Wife? Wikipedia Age And Family

Alen and Natasha have been wed and have been living a happy married life. Explore inside to learn more about Alen Moradian Wife.

On a sad day, June 27, 2023, Alen Moradian, the infamous “cocaine king of Sydney,” perished horribly in Bondi Junction.

He had connections to bikie gangs and was considered a real “Mr. Big” in the city’s narcotics trade.

To draw comparisons, Moradian’s character was frequently contrasted with that of Tony Soprano, a real-life mafia boss from the hit television show The Sopranos.

Furthermore, Moradian was known for living a lavish lifestyle and having a taste for Versace and other Italian luxury brands.

But his wife had warned him that his days were numbered unless he changed his ways. Tragically, her prediction came true.

Who Is Alen Moradian Wife? Wikipedia And Family

Alen Moradian wife name is Natasha Moradian. From the search results that are now available, it is still unclear how large their extended family is.

The fact that Natasha Moradian had previously warned her husband about the dangers he would face unless he changed his course is remarkable.

Natasha Moradian is sad now that she has attended another funeral within a year.

Alen Moradian Wife
Alen Moradian Wife has lost two precious members within 12 months. (Source: dailytelegraph)

She already said goodbye to her deceased business colleague, Lametta Fadlallah, and now she must face the seriousness of saying goodbye to her killed husband, Alen Moradian.

Due to a hefty bounty on her head, Lametta Fadlallah, along with her friend Amy Hazouri met a horrible end.

According to available information, Natasha Moradian and Lametta Fadlallah were directors of the financially ailing car rental company Got 2 Go Rentals, which finally faced collapse.

There have been no findings that point to Natasha Moradian engaging in misconduct.

Moreover, in the Hawkesbury area, Natasha Moradian is said to have just acquired possession of an organic fruit and vegetable store that she renamed earlier this year.

Finally, she navigates the dangerous seas of organized crime while grieving the sudden death of her spouse and battling the lasting effects of her previous relationships.

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Who Was Alen Moradian? Wikipedia And Age

The cocaine king had not shared his date of birth, so we cannot calculate his age. However, by looking at the pictures and videos of Alen, we can assume that he was probably in his early 50s before he was shot to death.

Similarly, the kingpin has not shared any information regarding his parents or childhood; however, looking at his career, we can say that he did not have the nicest childhood.

Alen Moradian Wife
Alen Moradian is known as the cocaine king of Sydney. (Source: perthnow)

However, Alen is one of the most wanted criminals, and his life story is fascinating; the “cocaine king of Sydney,” as he was often known, was well-known in the city’s narcotics underworld.

Furthermore, he was a mighty “Mr. Big,” and his connections to the bikie gangs only further his power and domination in the illegal drug business.

Moradian was known for his expensive lifestyle and love of Italian elegance, especially the opulent Versace label.

Likewise, when he was connected to a massive cocaine importation scam, it became clear how deeply he was involved in criminal activity.

The enormous quantities of money he made from his illegal activities allowed him to indulge in extravagant extravagances and furnish his Sydney mansion with opulent fittings.

Alen Moradian Death And Obituary: Mafia Shot To Death

Alen Moradian, a former cocaine lord from Bondi Junction, was violently killed on June 27, 2023. He was renowned as the “cocaine king of Sydney,” and his fame spread throughout the drug trade in the area.

The name is Moradian had weight, conjuring up ideas of a significant player in the underworld and the illegal drug trade. His status as the “cocaine king of Sydney” resulted from his influence, power, and illegal activity.

Alen Moradian Wife
Alen Moradian was shot to death on June 27, 2023. (Source: Depositphotos)

In sum, Alen Moradian’s life and death are a monument to the filthy side of Sydney’s drug trade.

He attained a position of authority and influence due to his legendary reputation as the “cocaine king of Sydney” and his affiliation with bikie gangs.

But in the end, his extravagant way of living and illegal behavior brought him to ruin.

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