Who Is Lizabeth Baby Yumping, Mike Enriquez Wife? Children

Meet Mike Enriquez wife, Lizabeth Baby Yumping. Learn about the Filipino television personality’s family details and children’s information.

Miguel Castro Enriquez, better known as Mike Enriquez, is a Filipino television and radio newscaster. He has been associated with the profession for more than fifty years.

Similarly, Mike is also the consultant for the radio operation of GMA Network and the president of the network’s regional and radio subsidiaries.

72 years old Mike started his career in broadcasting as a staff announcer at the “Manila Broadcasting Company”. 

Since then, he has served as a broadcast reporter, news editor, station manager, program director, and radio network manager. 

Mike Enriquez is a respected personality in the media and communication field since he is the most experienced person for the upcoming generations.

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Mike Enriquez Wife, Lizabeth Baby Yumping: His Prior Fan

The Filipino news personality Mike Enriquez is married to Lizabeth “Baby” Yumping. They have been in a marital relationship for about forty years.

The Love story of Mike and Lizabeth is remarkable. Moreover, Mike often mentions that his encounter with Yumping is more like fate and destiny.

If Mike had never been a radio disc jockey, he would never have met the love of his life. When he worked at the Manila radio broadcasting station, Baby was one of the avid listeners of Mike.

At that time, Mike was known as DJ Baby Michael for that particular program of which Lizabeth was a fan.

Mike Enriquez wife, Lizabeth often requested her favorite songs, and the process continued for almost six months when they eventually met and started dating.

Mike Enriquez Wife
Mike Enriquez and his wife Lizabeth Baby Lumping first met through a telephone call. (Source: Twitter)

Moreover, their relationship is deepened when Mike and Lumping are on a movie date, and that day, the Philippines is hit by an earthquake. They both ran to a safe place and returned home after hours.

 Mike Enriquez wife, Lizabeth is the housemaker, and she is the pioneer supporter of Mike. Now, his topmost fan is his life partner and the beloved person of his life.

Although Lizabeth Lumping is not a media person, she has a private life status. She is often seen with Mike Enriquez in the programs and award shows.

Mike Enriquez And Lizabeth Baby Yumping Children

Filipino newscaster Mike Enriquez and his wife, Lizabeth Baby Yumping, have been happily married for about forty years.

The couple is in their best life, but the absence of children in the house makes them a little lacking and sad.

Seventy years old Mike and his wife are yet to be father and mother. The authentic reason for not having a child is still unknown.

However, people have speculated that it might be because of the health issues the broadcaster battled throughout his life.

Mike Enriquez has a chronic illness of diabetes, whose symptoms started in his forties. Similarly, he is also a patient with asthma and hypertension.

Furthermore, in 2018, the veteran news reporter Mike announced his kidney disease problem and took leave from his working schedule.

Mike Enriquez Wife
Mike Enriquez is fond of children but he is yet to have his own. (Source: Facebook)

In the same year, Enriquez underwent heart bypass surgery. With all these health complications, Mike might not want to bear the child because of the fear that his genes will affect the newborn’s life.

Besides these, there were rumors that Mike does have an adoptive child, but it is not official and confirmed news yet.

Therefore, the details of Mike and Lizabeth’s child have yet to be discovered to the public and media.

As for now, it is confirmed that Mike and Lumping do not have children. However, they enjoy their marital relationship, admiring the significance of one another.

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