Who Is Logan Shepard, Matthew Shepard Brother? Wiki And Age

Meet Matthew Shepard brother, Logan Shepard. Discover the family dynamics of the young boy who died tragically.

Matthew Wayne Shepard was an American university student at the University of Wyoming. Matthew was beaten, tortured, and left to die near Laramie because of his sexual orientation.

Shepard was a vibrant boy who loved to be around people and loved himself the most. He was forthright and did not hesitate to open up about his gender identification.

However, Matthew’s sexuality became the primary cause of his death, and he was severely beaten by two assailants, Aaron Mckinney and Russell Henderson.

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 Matthew Shepard Brother, Logan Shepard, Works As An HR Representative

Matthew Shepard brother, Logan Shepard, is younger than him. The brothers have a years age gap. When Logan was seventeen, he lost his elder brother, Matthew.

Logan is associated with the Matthew Shepard Foundation and is passionate about Human, civil, and workplace protection from discrimination.

From 2009 to 2018, Matthew Shepard’s brother, Logan, served in the non-profit organization Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Based on the organization, Logan worked as a communications associate, assistant to the controller, e-commerce manager, and controller.

Logan Shepard has a Bachelor of Arts in History and a minor in Criminal Justice.

43 years old Logan has eleven years of experience working in a non-profit that strives to create inclusiveness for every race, gender, religion, and orientation.

Matthew Shepard brother
Matthew Shepard brother with mother Lucy Shepard. (Source: Gay Iceland)

Associating with the foundation, Logan assisted in passing Hate Crimes Legislation on a National level and helped at the state and municipal levels.

In the hope that no other person gets hurt because of their biological and emotional orientation, Matthew Shepard brother works to make a suitable study place, working place, and society to live in.

After leaving the foundation as an employee, now Logan is a board member and works for it indirectly.

Moreover, Matthew Shepard’s brother Logan has written on his LinkedIn details that he relocated to Tennessee, was looking for new employment, and wanted to try other things.

Logan Shephard is barely active on social media; thus, his present context and story are difficult to trace. However, wherever he goes, he will promote human rights and work for them.

Matthew Shepard And Logan Shepard Parents And Family

Matthew Shepard and Logan Shepard are the loving sons of their parents, Dennis Shepard and Judy Shepard.

They grew up together in Casper, Wyoming, U.S., and attended Crest Hill Elementary School.

Both of the brothers had a close relationship. Logan loved to be with his elder brother and play with him.

Similarly, Matthew and Logan loved to wander around Casper City and enjoy the time together. However, their closeness did not last long after Logan’s elder brother Matthew died on 12 October 2023 because of the brutal people.

Matthew Shepard brother
Matthew Shepard’s parents Denis and Judy Shepard founded an organization under their son’s name. (Source: Instagram)

Matthew and Logan’s father, Dennis, was an oil industry safety engineer who worked for over sixteen years at Saudi Aramco in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Later, he resigned from the post in 2009 and founded the Matthew Shephard Foundation together with his wife, Judy Shepard.

Currently, Dennis serves as the foundation’s board director and works to advocate for LGBT and human rights.

Furthermore, Matthew and Logan’s mother, Judy Shepard, was a proud mother of her two sons, but her world crumbled when the elder son was beaten and pistol-whipped in Laramie, Wyoming, far from her.

Matthew Shepard brother
Matthew Shepard was beaten to near death by two friends, Russell Henderson, left, and Aaron McKinney, right. (Source: Nbcnews)

After the death of Matthew, along with her husband and younger son, Judy founded an organization and serves as board president of the foundation.

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