Who Is Sebastian Patitz, Tatjana Patitz Brother? Sister Sophie Patitz

Who is Tatjana Patitz brother? Delve into the article to learn about her sibling’s relationship and family details.

Tatjana Patitz was a German model who achieved international prominence in the 1980s and 1990s, representing fashion designers.

Tatjana appeared in several fashion shows and is known for appearing on the Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue runways.

Patitz is recognized as one of the Big Five supermodels in the 1990 music video “Freedom! “90” by George Michael.

The supermodel Tatjana Patitz died of metastatic breast cancer at fifty-six on 11 January 2023.

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Tatjana Patitz brother, Sebastian Patitz Died In 2017

Tatjana Patitz was born as the eldest child of three siblings of her father, a German travel journalist father, and an Estonian dancer mother. 

The model spent her childhood with her brother, Sebastian Patitz, and sister, Sophie Patitz.

Tatjana Patitz had a loving younger brother, Sebastian Patitz. They are twins and always together. From childhood till the day they grew up, the siblings stayed together. The age gap between Tatjana and her brother, Sebastian Patitz, is fourteen months.

Tatjana Patitz brother
Tatjana Patitz brother, Sebastian Patitz was the closest person to her. (Source: Facebook)

Tatjana Patitz brother was an admirer of nature and its entities. He loved to visit different landscapes and the wonders of nature and the environment.

The close relationship of Tatjana with her brother ended on 6 May 2017 when Tatjana Patitz brother, Sebastian, died at the age of fifty.

Sebastian was battling for life with cancer, and he lost it on the day when he left the world, his family, and his sister for eternity.

The incident was so heartbreaking for Tatjana that she uploaded the condolence on her social media six months after her brother’s demise.

Tatjana Patitz brother, Sebastian Patitz, was survived by his wife, Anna-Carin Patitz, daughter, Felicia Patitz, and son, Alexander Patitz.

Tatjana Patitz brother
Tatjana Patitz brother with his family: wife, daughter, and son. (Source: Instagram)

Sebastian was a good son, brother, friend, husband, and father figure. He loved to be with people and spend time with them.

But his tragic end came soon, and Sebastian left the world too early.

Tatjana Patitz usually shared her photos and memories with her brother when she was alive. Her Instagram wall consists of several pictures of her and her loving brother.

Tatjana Patitz Sister, Sophie Patitz Is Former Model

Tatjana Patitz has a lovely younger sister, Sophie Patitz. She was born in 1973 and is seven years younger than her sister, Tatjana Patitiz.

Tatjana Patitz’s sister Sophie is a former German fashion Model who later directed her profession as an International Animal Rescue (IAR) volunteer. 

She was an active volunteer and fundraiser of the IAR for some time. Now, Sofia supports the organization indirectly and institutionally.

Now, Tatjana Patitz’s sister works as director of marketing and development at Earthplace. She has been associated with this place since March 2019.

Furthermore, Sofia is involved in donor and business development, fundraising, leadership, and local and international event planning based on the company.

Sophie Patitz is married to Stefan Pollmann and the mother of a beautiful daughter, Nadia Pollmann.

Tatjana Patitz brother
Tatjana Patitz sister, Sophie Patitz with her daughter. (Source: Facebook)

Sophie Patitz’s daughter studies at the University of Texas at Austin and lives in Westport, Connecticut, with her mother.

Sophie Patitz has a good relationship with her brother’s and sister’s family. On the social media posts of Sebastian Patitz’s wife and daughter, Sophie often comments on sound lines.

Similarly, she spends time with Tatjana Patitz’s son, Jonah Pattiz.

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