WWASP Narvin Lichfield Wikipedia And Age: Where Is He Now?

Narvin Lichfield, the enigmatic founder, and proprietor of WWASP, casts a shadow over a network of troubled teen schools embroiled in controversy.

His name reverberates through countless articles and reports chronicling the dark underbelly of youth rehabilitation, where allegations of abuse and exploitation loom large.

As the central figure in this tumultuous saga, Lichfield’s association with WWASP raises eyebrows and prompts questions about accountability and ethics

Dive into the depths of his story, where the lines between mentorship and manipulation blur, and the quest for redemption intertwines with the pursuit of justice.

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WWASP Narvin Lichfield Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He?

Narvin Lichfield’s association with WWASP (World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools) has been rife with controversy and legal entanglements.

As the brother of Robert Litchfield, his involvement in WWASP began notably in 1998 when he ventured into the realm of youth rehabilitation by establishing Carolina Springs Academy, where he assumed the roles of owner and Administrator.

Concurrently, he expanded his operations by inaugurating The Academy at Dundee Ranch in Costa Rica, marking the onset of a tumultuous journey.

However, Lichfield’s endeavors swiftly spiraled into turmoil when allegations of gross misconduct surfaced against Dundee Ranch.

Costa Rican authorities, acting upon reports of children being unlawfully detained and subjected to abuse, intervened, leading to the abrupt closure of the institution in 2003.

Moreover, revelations of numerous students lacking proper immigration documentation further compounded the legal ramifications.

Lichfield found himself entangled in a web of legal proceedings, facing charges of abuse and infringements of international law.

Consequently, he was compelled by South Carolina authorities to maintain distance from Carolina Springs Academy until the resolution of the case, a process protracted until 2007.

Undeterred by the legal quagmire, Lichfield persisted in his pursuits, rebranding Dundee Ranch as Pillars of Hope, ostensibly catering to older individuals between 18 and 22.

WWASP Narvin Lichfield Wikipedia
Narvin Lichfield Brother Robert Lichfield. (Source: WWASP Survivors)

However, persistent reports surfaced suggesting the clandestine detention of minors under the age of 18 within the premises, further tarnishing Lichfield’s already tainted reputation.

In terms of his age, records indicate that as of 2018, Lichfield was reported to be 57 years old.

By extrapolating from this data, it can be calculated that his birthdate falls on July 27, 1961, making him 62 years old presently.

Narvin Lichfield’s journey within the context of WWASP epitomizes a narrative fraught with ethical quandaries and legal battles, symbolic of the contentious nature of youth rehabilitation programs and the individuals associated with them.

Where Is Narvin Lichfield Now? Arrest History 

The current whereabouts of Narvin Lichfield remain in mystery, with no concrete information regarding his present location or activities.

However, his turbulent past, marked by a string of legal troubles, provides insight into the tumultuous trajectory of his life.

Following the closure of Carolina Springs Academy (CSA) in 2010, Lichfield promised to revive the institution, harboring intentions of resuming operations.

However, his aspirations were dashed when he was entangled in a legal quagmire in 2011.

South Carolina authorities intercepted Lichfield during a routine traffic stop, only to discover that he had been driving with a suspended license and without insurance, further exacerbating his legal woes.

In addition to these traffic violations, Lichfield faced the repercussions of his financial mismanagement, with allegations of writing bad checks on CSA’s defunct checking account, amounting to approximately $2,000.

These legal infractions added to the mounting litany of charges and lawsuits against him, painting a bleak picture of his legal standing.

Furthermore, Lichfield was embroiled in two separate lawsuits, compounding his legal woes.

The first, Lexington Insurance Company vs. Carolina Springs et al., centered around a personal injury claim, underscoring the potential liabilities incurred during CSA’s operation.

WWASP Narvin Lichfield Wikipedia
Carolina Springs Academy in a fire. (Source: WWASP Survivors)

The second, the Turley class action suit represented another legal battle that Lichfield found himself entangled in, indicative of the extensive legal entanglements stemming from his involvement with CSA and related ventures.

Despite the tumultuous legal landscape, Lichfield’s current status remains elusive, with scant information regarding his activities or whereabouts.

His troubled history, marred by a litany of legal challenges and controversies, serves as a cautionary tale of the perils inherent in the operation of youth rehabilitation programs and the individuals associated with them.

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