Yes, Savannah LaBrant Is Pregnant With Baby No. 5: Kids Details

Savannah LaBrant is pregnant with baby number 5 who is due in May 2024. However, the gender of the baby has not been disclosed yet. The couple might have a secret plan to disclose it specially.

Savannah LaBrant is a YouTube star who will be 31 years old in 2024, born on March 2, 1993.

Known for managing the family YouTube channel “The LaBrant Fam,” formerly recognized as “Cole&Sav,” Savannah Soutas is a prominent fashion blogger and social media figure.

The channel, showcasing a blend of vlog-style updates and family outings, has contributed to her widespread online influence.

Starting her journey in the world of dance at the tender age of two, Savannah later transformed her photography skills into a successful career as a blogger and Instagram personality.

Born as Savannah Soutas, she has a sister named Chantelle, who was a member of the R&B girl group Flipsyde, and her mother is Deborah Soutas.

After graduating from school, Savannah initially pursued a career as a professional photographer and established her own business through the website “Little Red Rose Photography.”

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Yes, Savannah LaBrant Is Pregnant With Baby No. 5: Kids Details Revealed

Savannah LaBrant with her long-time identity as a public figure has gained a lot of followers over the years.

The followers of her are always interested in having details on various aspects of her life.

Lately, the interest of the public has shifted to knowing if Savannah LaBrant is pregnant.

The answer to the question would be a yes. The YouTuber is pregnant with baby number 5.

The couple took to their Instagram account and announced the news where we can see the image of the ultrasonography in one hand of the father and the pregnancy test kit in the other.

The news came out as a shock to the public, however, the family including the kids seemed very happy with the news.

According to the announcement, their baby number 5 is due in May.

Savannah LaBrant baby no 5
Savannah LaBrant’s baby number 5 is due on May 2024. (Source: Instagram)

However, the gender of the baby has not yet been disclosed or they might have planned a special way for its declaration.

At this joyful moment of theirs, all we can do is pray for the good health and birth of the child who is due in May of 2024.

Meet Savannah LaBrant Husband

Embarking on their journey as a couple, Savannah and Vine star Cole Labrant, renowned for his channel “Dem White Boyz,” initiated their relationship in 2016.

The couple swiftly tied the knot the following year.

Welcoming their first daughter, Posie, into the world in 2018 and their first son in 2020, the couple embraced the role of parenthood gracefully.

The beginning of their YouTube account, initially named Cole&Sav, showcased their “wholesome, not-perfect” family dynamics and rapidly gathered a substantial following.

Evolving with the growth of their family, they renamed the channel as “The Labrant Family,” where they continue to share glimpses of their lives.

In addition to their social media ventures, Savannah and Cole co-authored a book titled “Cole and Sav: Our Surprising Love Story,” showing their journey of falling in love and sharing valuable family lessons.

Savannah LaBrant Husband
Savannah LaBrant and her husband Cole have co-authored a book. (Source: Instagram)

Demonstrating a strong and loving bond, the couple prioritizes nurturing their children and cherishing family moments, as evidenced by their Instagram updates that provide glimpses into their daily lives.

Currently, as the family awaits baby number 5, their family is getting bigger and lovelier, and a new addition to the family will bring joy to them.

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