YouTuber Matthew Beem Arrested: Why is He In Jail?

Is Matthew Beem arrested? This one news that has reached every corner of the Internet has surprised netizens along with worry for the YouTuber.

Matthew Beem is a prominent figure in the online realm, making his mark on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

His YouTube channel features a diverse range of content, including popular videos like “I Stayed in the World’s Weirdest Hotels!”, accumulating millions of views.

On Instagram, Matthew Beem boasts a substantial following of 99K, regularly sharing engaging photos and videos with his audience.

One of Beem’s most popular videos showcases his journey in constructing the Squid Game structure inspired by MrBeast.

His collaborative efforts with fellow YouTubers like iShowSpeed, Kai Cenat, and David Dobrik have further expanded his online presence.

Notably, he has established a gaming community discord associated with his channel, fostering a sense of community among his followers.

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YouTuber Matthew Beem Arrested: Why is He In Jail?

The news of Matthew Been getting arrested has landed pompously on the Internet and netizens want to know the reason why he is in jail.

However, his religious followers know the story behind it. This trending news began with the YouTuber uploading his latest video with the title MATHEW BEEM GOT ARRESTED.

Matthew Beem Arrested
Despite the sensational rumors circulating on the internet, Beem has not faced any arrest (Source: Business Insider)

Before this, there was another video that garnered similar attention as that video was titled “I Built a Secret Gaming Room to Hide From The Police!”

Contrary to the sensational news circulating on the internet, Beem has not been arrested.

These videos are strategic moves to engage viewers, showcasing his inclination for creating intriguing and attention-grabbing content.

Nevertheless, people should know that these arrest claims are part of the content narrative rather than an actual legal situation.

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Who Is Matthew Beem: His Career And Net Worth

Matthew Beem also recognized as Mbeem10 is a renowned YouTube content creator originating from the United States.

His estimated net worth stands at $3.4 million, primarily garnered through his engaging content consisting of challenge videos and vlogs.

Impressively, one of his videos achieved over 14 million views within just two weeks.

Maintaining a consistent schedule, he releases a new video every Tuesday on his channel, which boasts over 7.2 million subscribers and has surpassed 1.1 billion total views.

The channel receives an average of 1.7 million daily views, with approximately 20% of these views coming from Shorts.

This results in an estimated daily revenue of $11,000, translating to around $4 million annually from the advertisements featured in his videos.

Matthew Beem Arrested
One of Beem’s most popular videos showcases his journey in constructing the Squid Game structure (Source: YouTube)

The YouTube personality gained prominence for his relationship with fellow YouTube star Hannah Tolentino.

In 2019, Matthew started his own YouTube channel, “Mbeem10,” where he primarily shares vlogs, and it has amassed around 5 million subscribers.

Growing up in Colorado, Matthew Beem developed a passion for shoes and became an avid collector, owning over a hundred pairs.

His content often features real-life recreations of popular media and one of his standout videos revolves around the hit show Squid Game.

In terms of personal life, Matthew was in a relationship with Hannah Tolentino from December 2018 to January 2021.

Notably, he was present at the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor.

With a significant following on YouTube, Matthew Beem continues to engage his audience with entertaining and diverse content.

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