76ers Tyrese Maxey Brother And Sister: How Many Siblings Did He Have?

People are looking for Tyrese Maxey brother and sister’s details. American professional basketball player Tyrese Kendrid Maxey currently plays for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Tyrese previously played college basketball for the Kentucky Wildcats.

Maxey, a shooting guard for South Garland High School who was born in Dallas, Texas, assisted the team in making its inaugural trip to the Texas State High School basketball championship in 2018.

A five-star recruit as early as his sophomore year in high school, Maxey considered dropping out to play for the Kentucky Wildcats.

But in the end, he decided to stay at South Garland, where in his senior year he won Texas Mr. Basketball and was named a McDonald’s All-American.

After that, he joined the Wildcats, where in his college debut he scored a school-record 26 points.

People are curious to know about Tyrese Maxey brother and sister’s details including his personal life. So, let’s start this article to know more.

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76ers Tyrese Maxey Brother And Sister: How Many Siblings Did He Have?

Maxey was up in a suburban home in Garland, Texas, among his parents, three sisters, and two grandmothers.

He used to have a lot of energy and would always be racing about his bedroom playing basketball on little hoops.

According to Philadelphia magazine, his mother Denyse Maxey said, “That’s just the kind of kid he was.” “He was constantly moving, constantly bouncing around.”

Tyrese Maxey Brother
Talking about Tyrese Maxey brother details, he only have three sisters. (Source: 6ABC)

Denyse Maxey revealed that the Sixers player, popularly called “Mad Maxey,” grew up practicing on his uninterested sisters because he was the only sibling.

She claimed to ESPN that “he’d run through the house for years, practicing on me, or on one of his grandmothers, or on his sisters, who don’t seem to like it very much.” “He practices those moves on his family quite often, but it’s fun.”

Talking about Tyrese Maxey brother, he does not have any. He has three siblings and they are his sisters.

Some Details On His Siblings

Denasia Maxey, his younger sister, chuckled to ESPN and called him “fun” and “annoying, very annoying.” “I cherish him.”

He’s maybe the world’s greatest brother. However, he is incredibly joyful and has a bright personality.

What he’s going through is probably difficult for others to see. Everyone wants to have him as a brother, I’m sure.

Every time Maxey’s mother visits Texas, the family informed the outlet, “Everyone, make sure you’ve got energy because he’s going to want to play games.”

Tyrese Maxey brother
At South Garland High School in Garland, Texas, where he played high school ball, Maxey graduated in the top 5% of his class. (Source: Wikipedia)

He will want all of us to be present at all times. It’s true that the family is close-knit, and the NBA player acknowledged that he speaks to his mother “six or seven times a day.”

In addition, he frequently calls his father and sisters.

Denasia, Maxey’s younger sister, is an accomplished volleyball player at Dallas Christian High School who will graduate in 2024.

The 5’9″ athlete plays volleyball and is an Under Armour All-American. “I put in a lot of effort to get there,” she said in 2021 to CBS News.

Personal Life Of Basketball Player

Maxey has three sisters and is the youngest of four children.

Their father Tyrone served as Southern Methodist University’s director of player development during the 2017–18 college basketball season, and the university made an effort to recruit his son.

He resides in Voorhees Township, New Jersey, during the NBA season. On Christmas Eve in 2021, while his family was visiting, his Voorhees home caught fire.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the 76ers gave Maxey and his family lodging accommodations and other assistance.

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