Adam Stott Wife: Is He Married To Partner Kiptieu Sheriff?

Who is Adam Stott Wife? Discover his relationship with Partner Kiptieu Sheriff and also know about the family details of the famous cast of a British television show, Rich House, Poor House.

Adam Stott is a British business coach and entrepreneur who helps small-scale business owners to create and grow their empires.

Growing up in a struggling family with his mother and a brother, Adam started his own business at the age of 25 in 2009 and worked with the companies like Lombard to help people to purchase assets.

Now, Adam is an established businessman and member of the “Forbes Coaches Council”. Similarly, he is also the founder of “Big Business Events” and frequently appears in the keynote speaking programs to empower rookie entrepreneurs.

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Who is Adam Stott Wife, The Mother Of His Son?

Although there are various rumors and hoaxes regarding Adam Stott’s marital life, it is pretty sure that he is married to Sasha Core

Adam often posts pictures of his wife spending holidays and birthdays with her on his Instagram.

Sasha is a beauty artist and skin aesthetician. She is the director of Sasha Core Beauty Limited, located in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom.

Core has been running the salon since June 2011 and has earned several awards, including Skincare Clinic of the Year 2022-2023.

Adam Stott’s wife Sasha studied HND Beauty Therapy, Salon/Beauty Management from Leicester College and has many years of training. 

Sasha often uploads her professional life on her Instagram account, and she is exceptional in her work. However, we could not learn about her private life through her social media account. 

For that, Adam Stott’s media tabs might be a good choice. Recently, he uploaded a video of enjoying holiday time with his wife, Sasha in Hawaii. The Couple looked so affectionate and gorgeous.

Adam and Sasha are blessed with an adorable son Sammy born on 11 November 2011.

Adam Stott Wife
Adam Stott usually spends quality time with his wife and son. (Source: Instagram)

Even though we barely see the young boy and his mother on the same screen, we witness his precious moments with his father, Stott.

The Father-son duo is out of this world’s affection when they play carelessly and freely in the presence of one another.

Adam Stott seems to be a great father and loving husband to his son Sammy and his wife, Sasha. Let’s hope we soon witness the three family members in the same frame. 

Adam Stott’s Relationship With Partner Kiptieu Sheriff

Adam Stott has a business partnership with Kiptieu Sheriff, but many audiences misunderstood their closeness and concluded that Adam Stott and Kiptieu Sheriff were husband and wife.

Adam and Kiptieu first met on the Channel 5 reality show Rich House, Poor House in 2021. 

Kiptieu is a single mother of three daughters who struggled financially after she lost her job due to Covid-19.

Tragedy fell on her shoulder one by another; in 2017, her husband, Ackmed Sheriff, died an untimely death, and in 2020, she lost her job, which left her to raise her three children on her own.

Then, Rich House Poor House and Adam Stott helped her establish a commercial kitchen and her own company Bongo’s Kitchen. 

Adam Stott Wife
Adam Stott met Kiptieu Sheriff on the Channel 5 show and then decided to help her to improve her financial status. (Source: Dailymail)

Now, she is running a well-progressed catering business in partnership with Adam Stott.

Being business partners, Adam and Kiptieu are often seen together in programs and other venues. 

Thus, the audience might assume that Kiptieu re-married Adam. But this is not true, and both are leading their private lives. 

Adam Stott and Kiptieu Sheriff is undoubtedly close professional partner who shares ideas in business, and Adam is helping her to be established in a competitive society.

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