Small Town Potential Kristin Leitheuser Sister Heather Leitheuser And Jessica Rose

Kristin Leitheuser Sister, Heather Leitheuser Moran, and her family’s artistic heritage are key inspirations in her work and creative journey.

Kristin Leitheuser, along with her life partner, real estate agent Davina Thomasula, is one of the two hosts of HGTV’s “Small Town Potential.”

Together, they work on renovating homes in the New York area. The show documents their journey as they help families find the perfect house to renovate and call home.

Kristin’s partnership with Davina brings together their combined expertise in real estate and design.

They work together to guide families through the process of transforming their homes, creating spaces that reflect their client’s personal styles and needs.

In “Small Town Potential,” Kristin and Davina tackle the challenges of renovating homes in small towns, where they encounter unique design opportunities and a close-knit community.

Their passion for real estate and design shines through in their collaborative approach, as they navigate through renovations, budgeting, and unexpected challenges, all while building relationships with their clients.

Let’s get to learn some more details regarding Kristin Leitheuser Sister and other details regarding their personal life.

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Small Town Potential Kristin Leitheuser Sister Heather Leitheuser And Jessica Rose

People are curious to learn about Kristin Leitheuser sisters and their ages, as well as her family’s location in Kingston, New York, and her admiration for her family.

Talking about Kristin Leitheuser sister, she has two sisters, Heather Leitheuser Moran and Jessica Rose Leitheuser, both of whom are older than her.

Kristin Leitheuser’s family has a strong connection to the Hudson Valley, particularly Kingston, New York.

Kingston is known for its rich history and vibrant arts community, making it a fitting setting for Kristin and her family.

Kristin Leitheuser Sister
Kristin Leitheuser’s Sister, Heather Leitheuser Moran, is an accomplished artist and a passionate advocate for mental health and wellness. (Source: Instagram)

Kristin has always admired her family, which includes her parents, sisters, and possibly other relatives.

She likely holds them in high regard for their accomplishments, values, and support throughout her life.

As an individual, Kristin may draw inspiration and strength from her family, shaping her character and influencing her career choices and personal endeavors.

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Family Of Kristin Leitheuser

Kristin Leitheuser, renowned for her role in HGTV’s “Small Town Potential,” draws inspiration and admiration from her parents, Donald “Don” Leitheuser and Bonnie Leitheuser.

Her father, Donald, celebrated his 56th birthday in July 2022 and is a seasoned professional, owning Washington Hollow Restoration since January 2007.

This talented patriarch frequently makes appearances on Kristin’s social media feeds and is also featured on her HGTV show, “Small Town Potential.”

On the other hand, Kristin’s mother, Bonnie, is an accomplished educator with over two decades of teaching experience at the Arlington Central School District.

Armed with a Master’s degree in Science Education focusing on Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, she holds national board certification in Career and Technical Education/Early Adolescence.

Kristin Leitheuser Sister
Kristin Leitheuser’s mom and dad. (Source: Instagram)

Donald and Bonnie celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary in June 2022, and Kristin feels fortunate to have such remarkable and inspirational parents in her life.

Small Town Potential follows real estate agent and designer Davina Thomasula and her business partner, contractor Kristin Leitheuser, as one creates a plan that is enhanced by the surrounding natural environment, while the other, assisted by her father Don Leitheuser, also a building partner, brings that idea to life.

In the first episode, Kristin and Davina assisted a couple in Marlboro who were looking to repair a 19th-century farmhouse with plenty of land for their daughter to explore.

They later traveled to Kingston to convert an attic into a calm studio for artists. Produced by Fireworks Media Group, the aforementioned program had its debut on June 14, 2023.

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