Addison Timlin Tattoo: How Many Does She Have? Meanings And Designs

After the divorce case with Jeremy Allen White, people are getting increasingly curious to know his wife’s personal details. This article comprises Addison Timlin tattoo details and their designs.

American actress Addison Jyane Timlin is famous for performing in The Town That Dreaded Sundown as Jami Lerner and Little Sister as Colleen Lunsford

At nine, Addison first stepped on the stage and performed in front of a large audience. Since then, her love for the stage never ended, and now she is one of the most loved actresses among the audiences.

Furthermore, actress Addison Timlin’s movies and tv shows include Fallen, Long Nights Short Morning, When I’m a Moth, American Horror Stories, Start Up, Californication, Zero Hour, and Law & Order: L.A.

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Addison Timlin Tattoo: How Many Does She Have?

Thirty-two years old Addison Timlin is often the subject of conversation for many. People often have lengthy discussions regarding Addison Timlin’s tattoos and their designs.

After a long and deep inspection and research on Addison’s social media, internet resources, and personal interviews, it is known that she has at least seventeen known tattoos on her body lining.

Most of her body patterns are located in her hands and legs area, and several of them are tiny figures.

In the side part of her left elbow, Addison has a figure of a heart with an arrow inked on it.

Similarly, on the same side of her right elbow, she has a drawing of two hands crossed- one above another.

Addison’s left shoulder top also has a tattoo for a gun firing a shot- a star. A little distance from the gun tatt toward her back, she has a writing pattern stating ‘The Last One’.

Addison Timlin Tattoo
Addison Timlin is fond of body art and designs and she often inked her skin with various patterns. (Instagram)

Likewise, the actress, on the top of her left wrist, has a script symbol inked in it, and her right wrist back part consists of a small square figure.

Besides this, she has other writing tattoos on her forearm ‘Last love’ “YFHPYA”, wrist ” Let it Be, and her ankle’s inked words are a little unclear.

Addison Timlin Tattoo Designs and Their Meaning

Addison Timlin’s love for tattoos and body designs is genuinely admirable. The several body arts she engraved on her skin depict their meaning and values.

The one-cent tattoo on Timlin’s left elbow is inked to protect the self from the evil mentality. This is an artistic symbol in ancient Greece.

Similarly, the smiley face emoticon tattoo on Addison’s right forearm depicts the right path and time for happiness and joy in life. The smiley expression is accompanied by an arrow, a reminder to value themselves and be happy.

On the right hand, Addison Timlin has inked an inverted ‘J’ letter between the index finger and thumb. This is probably the Initials of her ex-husband Jeremy Allen White.

Addison Timlin Tattoo
Most of the Addison Timlin tattoos have amazing and interesting hidden meanings. (Source: Instagram)

Likewise, Timlin has four dots tattoos on the upper side of her right wrist. She inked the dots in lines, representing her family- Addison Timlin, her ex-husband Jeremy and her two daughters, Ezer and Dolores.

Moreover, the actress has Cross tattoos on the end of her rib cage, symbolizing her devotion to Christianity and god’s glory.

For further clearance of her tattoos, people can look for Addison Timlin’s Instagram and visualize her body patterns and designs.

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