Meet Shena Gamat And Amit Saigal: Aditi Dot Parents, Family

Explore the background of Aditi Dot parents, Shena Gamat and Amit Saigal, that contributed to shaping her career.

Aditi Saigal who goes by the stage name Dot, is a 24-year-old Indian singer-songwriter.

Acclaimed for her renditions of well-known tracks and original creations showcased on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, she has built an impressive portfolio.

Furthermore, Aditi received the Phillip Pascal Memorial Prize for Exceptional Overall Accomplishment in the School of Music.

Stepping into Bollywood with ‘The Archies,’ Aditi is poised to embark on her acting debut, expanding the diverse facets of her artistic journey.

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Aditi Dot Parents: Shena Gamat And Amit Saigal

Aditi Dot parents are Shena Gamat and Amit Saigal, both of whom are from the entertainment industry.

Shena Gamat, an accomplished actor and theatre practitioner, has made her mark in the performing arts scene.

On the other hand, Aditi’s late father, Amit Saigal, was not only a renowned rock musician but also the visionary founder of India’s inaugural rock magazine, Rock Street Journal.

Affectionately known as ‘Papa Rock’ within the Indian rock music community, Amit Saigal played a pivotal role in shaping the rock music landscape in the country.

Tragically, Aditi’s father, Amit, passed away in January 2012, succumbing to drowning at Bogmalo Beach in Goa.

Aditi Dot Parents
Aditi Dot Parents: Her late father, Amit Saigal, was a renowned rock musician. (Source: Absurd History)

In a poignant recollection of her father, Aditi shared that her mornings were infused with music, awakening to the rhythmic beats of her dad playing the djembe.

She reminisced about how the soulful tunes would lure her out of her bedroom, creating a musical bond that remains cherished.

Shena Gamat, Aditi’s mother, acted in the 2010 film ‘Band Baaja Baaraat,’ portraying the character of Chanda Narang, a wedding planner.

Thanks to Aditi Dot Parents, she inherits a treasure trove of musical memories and acting skills that undoubtedly influence her artistic journey.

Similarly, Aditi Dot Parents contributions to the entertainment industry have undoubtedly left an indelible mark on Aditi’s artistic sensibilities.

Discover Aditi Dot Role In Archies

The Archies, a cinematic venture directed by Zoya Akhtar, introduces a fresh ensemble of talents, including Khushi Kapoor, Suhana Khan,Aditi Dot and many more.

Released on Netflix on December 7th, the film draws inspiration from the eponymous American comic book series.

Zoya Akhtar, the creative force behind the film, shared insights into the casting, particularly highlighting Aditi as a perfect fit for the character Ethel.

In an interview with a lifestyle magazine, Akhtar expressed, “There was something very eccentrically charming about her, which we were looking for in Ethel.”

She praised Aditi’s ability to infuse the character with her own unique blend of quirkiness and sass, bringing an added layer of depth to the role.

Aditi Saigal, who performs under the stage name DOT, emerges as a creative and quirky personality.

Aditi Dot Parents
Aditi Dot Parents played a vital role in shaping her career. (Source: Instagram)

The choice of the stage name, DOT, stems from a piece of advice her mother once shared, stating that “Dots never hurt anyone and they make it look so interesting.”

This distinctive moniker encapsulates Aditi’s artistic essence, emphasizing her approach to creativity and expression.

As “The Archies” makes its debut on Netflix, audiences can anticipate witnessing Aditi Dot’s acting prowess.

Her portrayal of Ethel promises to showcase the eccentric charm that caught the attention of the director and contributes to the film’s vibrant and diverse cast.

The release marks a significant moment in Aditi’s multifaceted artistic career, adding a new dimension to her already impressive body of work in the realms of music and performance.

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