Izzy Trazona Religion: Is She Christian? Family Ethnicity

What is Izzy Trazona religion? A burning question emerges: Is she a devout Christian, and what about her family’s ethnicity?

Izzy Trazona is a prominent Filipino entertainer, dancer, and singer who had a previous affiliation with the SexBomb Girls, one of the Philippines’ most beloved girl groups.

Her notable contributions extend to television, where she appeared in shows like “Ilumina,” “Daisy Siete,” and “Bakit Papa?” 

However, it’s worth noting that Izzy has faced criticism from the LGBT community recently.

This backlash stemmed from her public opposition to her son Andrei’s decision to pursue a career as a drag queen, sparking a conversation about acceptance within families.

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What Is Izzy Trazona Religion: Is She Christian?

Curious about Izzy Trazona’s religion? Indeed, she identifies as a Christian, as evident from a recent Instagram post.

Izzy hinted at her reservations about her son, Andrei Trazona, pursuing a drag queen lifestyle.

In this post, Izzy cited her religious convictions as the reason behind her disapproval, emphasizing her faith in Christ and her dedication to guiding her four children toward Jesus.

She underscored that her faith is a cornerstone in her motherly decisions, stating, “If my children choose paths that diverge from my faith in Christ, I will respectfully disagree, steering them towards Jesus as my anchor for their future security.”

Izzy Trazona Religion
Izzy Trazona Religion: Izzy is deeply committed to Christianity. (Source: Instagram)

She also highlighted her belief in the redemptive power of Jesus, who saved her from the consequences of sin.

Nevertheless, Izzy expressed unwavering love and support for Andrei, assuring him of her constant presence, driven by maternal love and concern for his well-being.

Additional evidence of her strong Christian faith includes her testimony given on August 5, 2012, during the 20th Anniversary of Novaliches Christian Fellowship.

Being invited as a guest speaker during this event, she shared her transformative journey with Jesus Christ, recounting how her faith led her to distance herself from a particular group.

Izzy is deeply committed to Christianity and hopes to instill the same faith in her family members, particularly her children.

Izzy Trazona Family Ethnicity

Regarding Izzy Trazona’s family Ethnicity, she belongs to Filipino heritage.

Izzy Trazona was a notable member of The SexBomb Girls, also recognized as SB Girls, which was an all-female singing and dancing ensemble based in the Philippines.

Initially, their role was primarily as dancers on the midday variety show Eat Bulaga! in the Philippines.

However, they eventually expanded into singing, acting, and continued to dance.

During their prime from 1999 to 2009, the group achieved significant success as one of the top-selling girl groups in Asia, predating the K-pop phenomenon.

Today, Izzy Trazona is married to Alvin Aragon and is a mother of four children: three daughters and an older son named Andrei.

Izzy Trazona Religion
Izzy Trazona is of Filipino descent. (Source: Instagram)

Interestingly, Andrei has embraced a career as a drag queen, a decision met with initial disapproval from Izzy.

However, Andrei’s biological father, Michael, has steadfastly supported this choice.

Michael Arapeles, Andrei’s biological father, founded the dance group Philippine Island Assassins.

Andrei primarily grew up under his grandmother’s care, maintaining a close bond with his mother, Izzy, even as she pursued her career.

Throughout all these experiences, Izzy remains proud of her Filipino heritage and has imparted the same values and legacy to her children.

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