Akhi Ayman Wife: Is He Married? Relationship Status

Who is Akhi Ayman Wife? Is the London-based youth activist married? Delve into the article to comprehend his details.

Akhi Ayman is a youth social activist and a great example of tenacity and resilience.

Akhi’s life story is remarkable about overcoming hardships, pushing boundaries, challenging systems, and turning crises into opportunities.

Furthermore, Ayman is a public preacher based in London. He is highly appreciated among the youth of the Muslim community, who are willing to change society.

Moreover, Akhi Ayman’s passion for empowering others and his mission to provide employment opportunities to women and people from poor backgrounds is exceptional.

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Akhi Ayman Wife Is An Arabian Girl And Older Than Him

The social influencer Akhi Ayman barely talks about his private life. Yes, he is married and has a beautiful wife.

Despite being a social influencer and attending several seminars, public speaking, and motivational session speeches, Akhi has yet to reveal a slight glimpse of his wife.

Akhi Ayman has mentioned his wife a few times in podcasts. As per his words, Akhi’s wife is older than him by five years, and she is from Arab.

Although, Akhi did not reveal her name and other personal details. But with the description he gave through that video, we can assume that Ayman’s wife is a beautiful woman with a pure soul.

His wife is a divorcee and has an adorable child. Akhi Ayman’s wife came into his life as a turning point and directed his life to freedom.

Akhi Ayman Wife
Akhi Ayman met his wife before 2015, after about six weeks of being a stabbed victim. (Source: Facebook)

Born and growing up in the Middle East, Akhi Ayman’s beloved partner is of brown skin. Many people comment on her, saying she is ugly and older than Akhi.

However, Akhi is always there to defend against such malicious comments on the internet and in public. 

Ayman warned them that she was a blessing to him during his hard days, and now she is the child’s lifelong best friend, best partner, and responsible mother.

Many of Akhi’s fans and the public requested him to reveal his wife’s face and name in the media. However, Ayman knows the dark side of social media.

Only when his wife is comfortable being in public in front of the masses will her identity be revealed.

Akhi Ayman Family Background And Details

Akhi Ayman is Muslim and follows the Islamic religion. He was born in a small rural village in Iraq.

Akhi’s joy and childhood were tangled in the harsh realities of poverty, scarcity, and obstacles.

Ayman’s family left Iraq and moved to south-east London at nine. He has a blurred memory of his father.

In the podcast with Bluetickshow, Ayman mentioned that his father was kidnapped and tortured by the Iraqi government for refusing to join the army.

When he returned home after a long struggle, he was in a wheelchair, paralyzed below his hips.

At that time, Akhi only had his mother by his side. His mother’s struggle is incredible, and his respect for her is Unconditional.

Akhi Ayman Wife
Akhi Ayman’s mother is the most inspirational person in his life. (Source: Instagram)

Akhi’s mother gave birth to fourteen kids, but seven died at an early infant age.

Similarly, two of her kids died of miscarriages. Akhi Ayman has five siblings.

However, three of them were convicted in the Jail in a stabbing and murder case. During that incident, Akhi was stabbed and remained in hospital for months.

After lots of struggle and directing the right path to her beloved kid, Akhi’s mother rests in peace at fifty-six. She died on 29 October 2022.

Now, with the inspiration provided by his mother, Akhi Ayman is empowering the youth to walk in the path of righteousness and justice.

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