Ally B Wife: Was The Musician Married?

Who is Ally B wife? Delve into the article to learn about his marital life and unveil his relationship status.

The death news of popular Kenyan musician Ali Khamisi Mwaliguli, popularly known as Ally B, has shocked the entire Kenyan music industry and all the music critics all over the world.

Ally B was known for popular tracks such as Maria and Silali, of which he collaborated with Size 8, Yelele, Bembea, and Kadzio.

Ally’s was recognized as one of the biggest artists in Kenya in the early 2000s. After his work in the music industry for more than one decade, he joined politics.

In 2017, Ally tried running for a ward representative seat in “Junda Ward” in Kisauni, Mombasa County, under a Jubilee Party ticket.

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Ally B Wife: Married To The Love Of His Life

Musician Ally B was married to a beautiful woman who had been with him since his struggling days in the music industry.

Although fans could not get the information regarding Ally B wife, they are familiar with her face as the musician has photos of her all over his social media.

Ally B is a beautiful Kenyan lady who was the support system of the musician. She has always been by his side and encouraged him to work on his passion and goal.

When the musician was participating in the election in 2017, Ally B wife was by his side to support him with all her might.

Ally B Wife
Although Ally B Wife’s name is not known to the media, she is often seen on Facebook pages of the musician. (Source: Facebook)

When we scroll through the Facebook photos of Ally B, we can see his wife’s photos, and most of them are of smiling faces. Ally B wife is an outgoing person who loves to be around people and spend time with them.

One more thing to notice in Ally B and his wife’s photos is the chemistry that they had, which now has faded as the musician is no more.

However, Ally B has left numerous memories and love for his wife and family, and he will be remembered for that by his loved ones.

Ally B Children And Family Details

Although it had been several years that Ally B was together with his beloved partner, it is more likely that he was yet to be a father to his child.

There are no records of Ally B’s children in his social media, news, or their mentions in any interviews.

However, in one of his Facebook posts of 14 February 2021, Ali was wishing good luck to one young man for whom fans speculated him as his child. But the relation is yet to be confirmed.

Ally B was a Kenyan artist and had African roots; he was born on 12 March 1986 as the son of his father, Mrs. Mwakaribu Khamis, and his mother, Mrs. Mwakaribu Khamis.

Ally once shared his mother’s photos on his Facebook account, crediting her for providing him with a happy childhood.

Ally B Wife
In figure: Ally B with his beloved mother. (Source: Facebook)

Similarly, Ally shared his childhood with his brother Mohammed Ramadhan. The two brothers were close to each other and shared a radiant sibling’s energy.

His brother, Mohammed Ramadhan, confirmed the tragic news of Ally B’s passing. He disclosed that Ally B had returned home feeling unwell in the afternoon and was immediately sent to the hospital nearby.

According to the doctor’s initial reports, the death cause of Ally B is confirmed to be high blood pressure, and further details are yet to come.

Right now, Ally B’s family is mourning his death, wishing the departed soul to rest in eternity.

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