Khelina From Diep City Husband: Was She Married?

Unveling the Mystery of Khelina from Diep City Husband: Was She Truly Married?

Khelina from DiepCity, whose real name was Lebohang Mpyana, was a multi-talented South African artist.

She gained fame for her portrayal of Khelina Sylvia in the widely loved Mzansi Magic series, ‘DiepCity.’

Her performance in this role not only displayed her acting skills and impeccable comedic timing but also garnered her a dedicated and adoring fan base.

Lettie Lebohang was recognized as a highly acclaimed comedian and a sought-after MC for various events, boasting a collection of prestigious awards.

The sudden passing of Lettie on November 1, 2023, has deeply saddened her fans and colleagues alike.

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Khelina From Diep City Husband: Marital Status

To address the curiosity of her inquisitive fans, it should be noted that Lettie was indeed a married woman.

Khelina From Diep City Husband is Thabo Mpyana, was reported to be involved in the world of business.

Additionally, as reported by Emlaksatan, Lettie was a loving mother to two beautiful children, named Lerato and Lethabo.

While she resided in the Sandton area, she enjoyed hobbies such as cooking, reading and cherishing moments with her family.

However, it’s important to emphasize that the authenticity of these details was never officially confirmed by Lettie herself.

Khelina From Diep City Husband
Khelina From Diep City Husband: is supposedly, Thabo Mpyana. (Source: Instagram)

There were no public records or social media posts from Lettie regarding her husband or children, leaving her personal life shrouded in mystery.

Unfortunately, with Lettie’s untimely passing, any hopes of her revealing the truth about her husband or family have been extinguished.

The cause of her death remains undisclosed, but her family did indicate that she had been grappling with health issues for a considerable period.

As such, the enigma surrounding “Khelina From Diep City husband” persists, as she is no longer with us to provide answers.

Khelina From Diep City: Wikipedia And Age

At the time of her passing, Lettie Lebohang was 34 years old and was born in Ga-Mokgokong in Moletjie Village, Limpopo, South Africa.

Her roots remained firmly grounded in Ga-Mokgokong, where she spent her formative years under the care of her grandparents.

Tragically, her mother passed away in 1998 when she was just nine years old, leaving Lettie without maternal guidance.

However, Lettie chose to keep her family life private, never disclosing information about her father or any potential siblings.

Lettie pursued her education and matriculated from Kgabo Secondary School, setting the stage for her artistic journey.

Her passion for the arts led her to attain an arts certificate from both the Paul Rapetswa Institute of Dramatic Arts and Mahuna Institutes for the Arts.

Before her rise to fame, Lettie was known for her comedy performances in the Limpopo region.

Khelina From Diep City Husband
Khelina was born in Ga-Mokgokong in Moletjie Village, Limpopo, South Africa. (Source: Instagram)

However, the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 brought a halt to live stage performances, prompting Lettie to adapt.

She turned to creating humorous skits and sharing them online, reaching a wider audience.

The turning point in Lettie’s career came when she learned about auditions for DiepCity in 2019.

Months later, in late 2020, Lettie received a callback from the DiepCity production team, who saw in her the perfect fit for a role.

In 2021, she was cast to portray the beloved character Khelina, marking a significant milestone in her acting career.

Lettie’s outstanding performance in DiepCity earned her accolades, including the prestigious Viewers’ Choice Best Actress Award at the Royalty Soapie Awards in September 2021.

Her talent and dedication made her a favorite among fans of the show and a rising star in the South African entertainment industry.

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