Anand Menon Wife: Is He Married? Kids And Family Tree

Lately people have been wanting to know about Professor Anand Menon wife and family. In this article get to know more about his personal life.

Anand Menon, a well-known academic and political scientist, was born in September 1965.

His focus is on researching European politics and the European Union (EU), and he has made significant contributions to the field of European studies.

Moreover, he rose to prominence in the early 2000s for his knowledge of EU matters. Over the course of his career, he has held a variety of academic posts, including professorships at famous universities like King’s College London.

Having served as the director of the UK in a Changing Europe initiative, he has also held a position as a special adviser to the House of Lords EU committee. Read more about his personal life below.

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Anand Menon Wife: Is He Married?

As much as people know about Menon’s professional life, his personal life has been a mystery to all. Most wonder about Anand Menon’s wife and who she might be.

Anand Menon wife
Anand Menon is yet to reveal information about his wife. (Source: The Tortoise Media)

Anand has mentioned a woman named Nicola during his interviews, whom he calls his partner. In his interview with The Tortoise Media, he often mentioned them being together on family holidays and tougher times.

While he has mentioned her name time and again, the other details of her name remain a mystery.

Moreover, since Anand mentioned Nicola’s presence during the 2010s, it is also not sure if she is still together with Anand or not.

Regardless of her identity, as the partner of someone who has endured multiple losses, she surely did stand by Menon’s side as he coped with all the losses.

In times of immense sorrow, her presence must have been a source of comfort for the talented individual.

Through her love and understanding, she must have provided a shoulder for him to lean on during the most challenging moments.

So, we can say that Nicola may or may not be Anand Menon’s wife. Regardless, the talented personality’s partner has surely been with him through all his struggles and successes.

Anand Menon Family Tree: Parents and Siblings

Anand Menon comes from a family that has experienced both joys and sorrows throughout their lives.

The professor’s father had been unwell for a considerable period. Although the exact nature of his illness is not specified, it is evident that the family went through a challenging time caring for him.

Anand Menon’s mother was also remarkable, embodying resilience throughout her life. As the eldest of four siblings, she had already endured the stinging pain of losing her three sisters.

However, there had been moments of joy for the Menon family. In December 2013, Anand and his extended family gathered in Chennai to commemorate his father’s 90th birthday and his parents’ 60th wedding anniversary.

Anand Menon wife
Anand Menon’s parents were his greatest supporters. (The Tortoise Media)

Moreover, Anand had a brother named Gopi, who unfortunately passed away due to pancreatic cancer. He is survived by his wife, Val, and their two daughters, Natasha and Jessica.

Tragically, Anand’s sister Shalini also battled with mental illness. Shalini succumbed to her illness, affecting the Menon family deeply.

Unfortunately, both of Anand’s parents have passed away. While it is unclear when they passed away, their absence leaves a void in Menon’s life. Menon has often struggled because of the sad deaths in his family.

Additionally, Anand has a son named Samuel. He mentioned that in the same article published on Tortoise Media. However, more details about Samuel have not been revealed.

Regardless, we can guess that through hardship and happiness, his family has been behind him, supporting his decisions.

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