Who Is Angie Quigley, Dana Quigley Wife? Relationship Timeline

Who is Dana Quigley Wife? Get detailed information about Dana Quigley’s life partner and his relationship timeline.

Dana Quigley is well-recognized across the globe for his professional journey as a golfer and champion.

Dana has made another thirty-two wins throughout his life journey since he started in 1971.

When he first entered the University of Rhode Island, Dana grabbed the golf stick and started the sport as a hobby. Soon, his passion and heart fell for golf, and he acquired it as a professional medium.

Dana Quigley has made incredible records throughout his life career, and he was also elected to the New England section of the PGA Hall of Hame in 2000.

Similarly, Quigley received the Arnold Palmer Award in 2005 for his exceptional shots and record-breaking performance.

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Dana Quigley Wife, Angie Quigley: His Second Wife

Dana Quigley is married to two incredible women, and Angie Quigley is his second wife.

When the friendship between Dana and Angie started to deepen and turned into a romantic relationship, the couple tied the wedding knot in the late 1990s.

Dana Quigley wife, Angie Quigley, is an admirer of sports and has an interest in golf. She is often seen with her husband, Dana, on the golf course, indulging herself in the game.

Angie is also more frequent to the gatherings and ceremonies that Dana attended. During his career height, when Dana was earning several titles, Angie was escorted by his side on every step.

Dana Quigley Wife
Dana Quigley Wife, Angie Quigley is the love of his life and ultimate companion. (Source: Nbcsports)

In 2005, when Dana Quigley won the Arnold Palmer Award, he was accompanied by Angie. However, Dana Quigley wife’s companionship does not only persist in his happy moments; Angie Quigley is will him in his bleak days also.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when Dana underwent surgery, Angie took care of him and helped him to overcome the injury. After the player overcomes the surgery, Dana, with his wife, Angie, participated in a four-mile walk.

Although the inner personal details of Angie Quigley are not known to the public, her relationship with Dana is well-recognized by the fans, and the couple is loved by many.

Dana Quigley Relationship Timeline And Dating History

Dana Quigley was a heartthrob during his youth, and many girls fell for his charm as a player and a man.

Before Dana was in a relationship with Angie Quigley, he was married to Charlotte Quigley. Charlotte is the mother to Dana Quigley’s children, Devon and Nicole.

Charlotte Quigley is regarded as a strong mother to her children and a loving wife to Dana.

Dana Quigley Wife
Dana Quigley Wife, Charlotte with her son Devon and daughter Nichole. (Source: Patch)

When Dana’s son, Devon, encountered a tragic accident and suffered from brain trauma, Charlotte stayed by his side each day, providing strong messages for the living.

Dana Quigley and Charlotte Quigley’s love story is also known to many. The sweet moments captured in the media and photos are still in talk in several conversations and discussions.

Moreover, even after the separation, Charlotte and Dana Quigley stayed together and strong for the sake of their beloved son.

For the welfare and goodwill of the son Devon, Angie also comes together to support sister Charlotte to remain strong.

Dana Quigley Wife
Dana Quigley’s father in the single frame. (Source: Powerfades)

Dana Quigley’s wives, Angie Quigley and Charlotte, both considered incredible women who put their family as the priority and also balanced their professional lives with it.

Dana Quigley considered himself a blessed man to have the support of the two strongest and most amazing ladies he had ever met.

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