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Dana C. Quigley is an American Professional golfer who has an impressive professional history and achievements.

In 1971, Dana turned professional and worked as a club professional for many years. Similarly, he has eighteen-tournament victories in the local tournament in New England.

Furthermore, in 1997, Dana Quigley was selected to play in the senior golf tournaments. Soon after, he became a leading player at the senior level.

Dana Quigley’s professional achievements amazed people, and his consistency still makes an impact on the young ones.

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Dana Quigley Son, Devon Quigley: A Loving Child

Devon Quigley is widely recognized as the Dana Quigley son. Devon was born on 18 August 1984 as the precious son of his father, Dana Quigley, and mother, Angie Quigley.

Devon was the loving son of his parents and the family. He was vibrant since his childhood and loved to be among the people and friends.

During his teenage days, Dana Quigley son, Devon, was often seen in his father’s golf tournaments and matches. He admired the sport and loved to talk about it.

Devon Quigley was a member of minor league golf, which he joined in 2010. He turned professional in 2007 and has been practicing the sports continuously with the dream to continue his father’s legacy.

However, his life turned into a tragic journey in 2011. He suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident.

At that time, Devon had just turned twenty-seven when his car crashed into the back end of a semi-truck in Riviera Beach.

Dana Quigley Son
Dana Quigley Son: He has a bright future as a professional golf player but faced a tragic accident at a young age. (Source: Powerfades)

In November 2011. Devon was heading to his home in West Palm Beach to meet his father, but on the way, he encountered neatly death experience. 

Devon’s car got wrecked in front of the Lone Pines Estate just north of Canterbury Drive South. He was immediately sent to the hospital and had emergency surgery.

After Devon’s condition returned to normal than before, doctors informed the Quigley family that he had suffered several brain traumas and his functioning would be heavily hindered.

The tragic incident put a full stop to the flourishing professional career of Dana Quigley son, Devon, and placed his life on a tragic journey.

Dana Quigley Son, Devon Quigley: Death Cause

After batting with a traumatic brain injury for more than eleven years, Dana Quigley son, Devon Quigley, went to rest on the 28th of 28, October 2023.

Since Devon encountered the accident, he has been struggling with the brain trauma and led his life in a wheelchair.

The love from the family has kept him alive till now. Quigley’s family showered him with support and love throughout the time and took care of him, wishing for a miracle.

However, god had another plan for Devon Quigley to call him into his home at the young age of thirty-nine. The cause of death of Dana Quigley’s son, Devon Quigley, is the complications of his health conditions.

Dana Quigley Son
Quigley family supported and loved Devon Quigley throughout his life. (Source: Providencejournal)

It was reported that lately, Devon Quigley’s health situation has been facing several difficulties, and he has been struggling to be the way he was for the last eleven years.

Thus, after a long battle between life and death, Devon Quigley chose to sleep for the rest of the time from now on.

Dana Quigley’s Son’s death has sent shockwaves to the family, friends, and close ones. Although he led his life in tragedy, Devon Quigley never stopped radiating positive energy into his family.

Devon Quigley will always be a precious son of his father, Dana Quigley, mother, Angie Quigley, and the Quigley family.

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