Donna Rockwell Smilovitz: Bernie Smilovitz Wife Passed Away

Donna Rockwell Smilovitz is renowned as Bernie Smilovitz wife. Together, they share a life filled with love and laughter and shared moments in the spotlight.

Bernie Smilovitz, a prominent sports anchor and journalist, has been captivating and enlightening the residents of Metro Detroit for an illustrious career spanning since 1986.

Presently, he holds the position of Sports Director at WDIV-TV in Detroit, solidifying his commitment to the local sports community.

Furthermore, Bernie boasts the honor of being an Emmy Award-winning sports anchor, an example of his exceptional skills and dedication to the field.

Moreover, his career encompasses early coverage of D.C. sports, and he once held a popular four-hour sports call-in show on an all-news radio station.

Correspondingly, since his career is a mirror of his passion for delivering the essence of sports stories to his audience, the audience is also curious about Bernie Smilovitz wife.

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Bernie Smilovitz Wife Donna Rockwell Smilovitz Is No Longer Between Us

Dr. Donna Rockwell Smilovitz, a cherished figure, shared 38 wonderful years as the devoted wife of Bernie Smilovitz.

Similarly, their enduring union brought forth two sons, Zachary and Jacob, cementing a legacy of love and family.

Furthermore, Donna was a renowned humanistic psychologist who held a significant presence in the media, frequently gracing television screens.

Bernie Smilovitz wife notably became a fixture on the nascent CNN when the network was in its infancy, showcasing her expertise and insightful perspectives.

Bernie Smilovitz Wife
Bernie Smilovitz wife, Dr. Donna Rockwell Smilovitz was a renowned humanistic psychologist. (Source: Detroit Free Press)

Likewise, the enduring bond shared by Bernie and Donna, reflected in their lengthy marriage, stood as a testament to the enduring power of commitment and love.

Unfortunately, on October 7, 2023, the world mourned the loss of Bernie Smilovitz wife Donna, who passed away peacefully at the age of 66.

Moreover, Bernie Smilovitz wife departure marked the end of a remarkable love story, leaving an indelible void and an enduring legacy of devotion and togetherness.

However, Bernie, who often shared the limelight but kept his personal life private, has chosen to remain silent about his wife’s passing.

Yet, the depth of his love for her is unmistakable, and the void left by her absence is undoubtedly profound.

Nevertheless, Donna’s legacy as a beloved wife, mother, and accomplished psychologist lives on, leaving an indelible mark on those whose lives she touched.

Bernie Smilovitz Family Background

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Bernie Smilovitz embarked on a journey that would eventually lead him to become a well-respected figure in journalism.

When he was just five years old, his parents relocated to Washington, D.C., leaving behind their Sunday afternoon tradition of rocking Bernie to sleep in his stroller at Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

Likewise, Bernie’s early years in the nation’s capital served as the foundation for his career as a journalist.

Moreover, he learned the ropes of the trade by immersing himself in the world of D.C. sports, setting the stage for what would become a lifelong passion.

Bernie Smilovitz Wife
Bernie Smilovitz is a family and loves spending time with his family. (Source: Read the Spirit)

While Bernie’s professional life is well-documented, he has chosen to keep the details of his family background private, including information about his parents and siblings.

In his personal life, Bernie is a devoted family man, sharing his life with his beloved wife, Donna Rockwell Smilovitz and two sons, Zachary and Jacob.

Subsequently, Bernie’s interests extend beyond journalism, as he revels in quality time with his family, savoring diverse culinary experiences.

Furthermore, he also engages in sports like basketball and tennis and maintains a daily jogging routine, covering a remarkable 3 to 4 miles.

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