Bert James Baker Jewish Ethnicity Linked To Hate Crime

Bert James Baker’s alleged actions were motivated by the perceived anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian sentiments underlying the attack.

Around 7 p.m. on February 4th, four young Muslim Americans were driving home after participating in a protest advocating for Palestinian human rights.

They encountered a white male cyclist, later identified as Bert James Baker, who allegedly tried to remove a Palestinian keffiyeh scarf from their car.

The victims reported that Baker used racial slurs and other offensive language, and physically assaulted one of them after pulling him out of the car.

In response to this incident, CAIR and local community leaders announced plans to hold a press conference on February 6th at 11:00 A.M. outside City Hall in Austin, Texas.

Among the victims, three are Palestinian-Americans, including the 23-year-old who was stabbed.

This incident in Austin is seen as another example of hate fueled by the growing anti-Palestinian racism and Islamophobia.

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Bert James Baker Jewish Ethnicity

Bert James Baker stands accused of perpetrating a hate crime targeting a group of young Muslims, among whom was a 23-year-old Palestinian-American.

Unfortunately, Bert’s ethnicity is not highlighted or discussed about the horrendous crime he committed, but given the circumstances, it has been assumed to be Jewish.

The incident unfolded following a pro-Palestinian protest, where Baker allegedly confronted the group, attempting to remove a Palestinian keffiyeh scarf from their vehicle forcibly.

Bert James Baker Jewish Ethnicity
Bert’s ethnicity is not mentioned in connection to the crime, but he is assumed to be Jewish (Source: Comal County Mugshots)

During the altercation, Baker is reported to have hurled racial slurs and obscenities at the victims, escalating the confrontation into a physical assault.

Shockingly, one of the victims was stabbed in the chest, allegedly by Baker. The severity of the attack has sparked widespread condemnation.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is leading calls for hate crime charges to be brought against Baker.

This reprehensible act underscores the urgent need to address and combat instances of bigotry and violence targeting marginalized communities.

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Is Bert Jewish Ethnicity Linked To Hate Crime?

While in these scenarios, a person’s ethnicity is commonly linked to these hate crimes he/she commits, there has not been shown any connection to Bert’s ethnicity.

The focus is primarily on the nature of the attack against the group of young Muslims, with calls for hate crime charges against Baker.

To illustrate, this inhumane act stemmed from the perceived anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian sentiments behind the attack.

The Austin Police Department is currently investigating a stabbing incident that occurred in the West Campus area near UT Austin on Sunday night, leaving one person injured.

University of Texas Police Department Officers responded to reports of a possible stabbing at the intersection of West 26th Street and Nueces Street around 7 p.m.

Bert James Baker Jewish Ethnicity
This incident exemplifies the rising tide of anti-Palestinian racism and Islamophobia (Source: X)

Upon arrival, they found the victim being treated by the Austin Fire Department and Austin-Travis County EMS.

36-year-old Bert James Baker was arrested at the scene by APD for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The victim was transported to the hospital with serious, potentially life-threatening injuries. It’s noted that neither the victim nor Baker are students at UT Austin.

Witnesses described an argument between a pedestrian and the occupants of a truck, which escalated into a fight resulting in the stabbing.

Joell McNew, a founding member of Safe Horns, expressed concern as the incident occurred close to the university campus, though not on campus property.

While no students were directly involved in the stabbing, many witnessed the altercation.

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