Blake Taaffe Parents Darren And Dorothy Taaffe: Family Ethnicity

Blake Taaffe parents Darren and Dorothy Taaffe, have often been searched by NRL fans as the rugby player rarely speaks about his parents. Taaffe is a young Australian rugby player and a rising star.

The rugby player plays for the South Sydney Rabbitohs in the NRL as a halfback and fullback. He made his professional debut in NRL for South Sydney against the Brisbane Broncos in the 2021 NRL Season.

Born on April 21, 1999, in Sydney, Australia, Blake Taaffe age is 25 years old. Recently, he has been in the spotlight because of his performance in the match.

In round 19 of the 2023 NRL season, Taaffe scored two tries for South Sydney in their 36-32 loss against Canterbury. Blake Taaffe stats reveal that he has played 26 games in total after his debut.

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Blake Taaffe Parents Darren And Dorothy Taaffe

Blake Taaffe’s parents are Darren Taaffe (father) and Dorothy Taaffe (mother. His parents raised him on the Central Coast of New South Wales. 

Born in Phillip Bay, Sydney, Blake Taaffe’s family moved to the Central Coast of New South Wales when he was only eight years old.

The rugby player has not revealed any details about his parents’ professional life and what they do. Hence, detailed information about his family cannot be found.

Blake Taaffe parents
Blake Taaffe’s parents moved to the Central Coast of New South Wales when he was only eight.  (Source: Instagram)

However, Blake Taaffe’s Instagram reveals that he had a grandmother whom he loved dearly and called “gen-gen.”. Sadly, he lost her in December 2020.

Additionally, the rugby footballer has very supportive parents who have always stood by him and his decisions. He began playing at a very young age with support from his parents.

Besides his parents, Blake Taaffe’s brother is also often searched by his fans. However, the player has not revealed his brother or any siblings. But in 2016, he posted with his newly born nephew, indicating he might have siblings. 

Blake Taaffe Family Ethnicity And Religion

Blake Taaffe’s ethnicity is speculated to be Aboriginal by many of his fans, but however, it has not been confirmed by him or any other sources. He holds Australian nationality and has Australian ethnicity.

According to his bio in the NRL profile, he was born in Sydney, New South Wales and is a native of Australia. 

Though his family might have moved there for a better life, Blake Taaffe’s background still remains unknown to make any such assumptions.

Blake Taaffe parents
Blake Taaffe’s ethnicity is Australian. (Source: Facebook)

Regarding his religion, the player has not expressed his faith publicly. However, Blake Taaffe’s religion might be Christianity as he is seen d]celebrating Christian festivities.

Despite his ethnicity and religion, the player is known for his game and has represented the whole of Australia. He takes pride in what he does and motivates other aspiring players.

Blake Taaffe Injury: How Is He Doing In 2023?

The rugby footballer had a major ankle injury in March 2022 that kept him away from the field for almost 3-4 weeks.

He injured his ankle while training, worsening his chances of playing again. Blake Taaffe’s injury kept him away from the club’s season opener against the Brisbane Broncos in 2022.

Blake Taaffe parents
Blake Taaffe suffered from an ankle injury in March 2022. (Source: Instagram)

Though the player hit a rough patch during the season, he had his family by his side, who supported him and took care of him in his recovery.

Blake made his stronger comeback in the 2023 NRL season. Moreover, he has played eight games and scored 21 goals in total this season, which is impressive.

Before playing in the NRL, the rugby player played for junior clubs. Blake Taaffe’s junior clubs were La Perouse Panthers and The Entrance Tigers.

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